Luton Airport: A Gateway to Exploration, Both Past and Present

Written by emilywatson  »  Updated on: April 30th, 2024

Luton Airport: A Gateway to Exploration, Both Past and Present

Luton, a bustling town of England, is home to its busiest airport, the Luton Airport (LTN), which boasts a rich history and offers a glimpse into the past and the future of the airport. Opened in 1938, it has since then hosted millions of annual passengers travelling to and from the UK, making it an important hub for domestic and international tourists. From Luton airport taxis to duty free shops, restaurants and clothing items, it is an amazing airport to travel to and from.

It has long served as the northern terminal for London. During the Second World War, Royal Air Force fighter squadrons used Luton Airport for take off and landings, providing the much needed support that the country needed.

After the war ended, Luton Airport started getting used as a commercial airport in 1952. It is now seen as a more affordable version of the Heathrow International Airport, due to the popularity of package holidays. Today, Luton Airport serves as a vital hub for budget travellers, low-cost airlines, and Luton taxis that you can find at the airport for convenient travel anywhere in the country.

Beyond Security: Exploring Options at Luton Airport

While the vast majority of travellers view airports as a checkpoint, to pick up and drop off, you cannot get wrong with Luton Airport. It has a lot to offer, such as delicious cuisines, gift shops, and many other options to keep you pampered during your layovers or pre-flight jitters. Here are some of the things you can enjoy at this airport:

Enjoy the rich history: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery are just a few kilometres away from the airport. If you have ample time during layover or a connecting flight, why not pay a visit to these amazing areas and get a feel of the rich history? The Victorian house showcases Luton's fascinating past.

Embrace Nature: The Stockwood Discovery Centre is the perfect spot for birdwatchers, and people that want to connect with nature. Immerse yourself with lush gardens and enjoy the fresh air where you can take a walk in the park.

A wide range of shopping options: The Mall Luton, situated at a 10-minute drive, is a paradise for shopaholics. With hundreds of shops, entertainment options, restaurants and cafes, you will get lost in no time trying to get the most out of this place. You can easily access it via the Kimpton Road and the distance is only 2.5 kilometres.

Ensuring a Smooth Journey: Luton Airport Taxis

Now comes the harder part. To explore Luton city and the most important cultural hotspots in it, you need a reliable taxi service. That’s where Luton taxis airport comes in. Thankfully, Luton Airport provides affordable and convenient options of travel, such as:

Pre-booked Taxis: Elite Airport Transfer offers pre-booked taxis that you can book and pay for in advance, eliminating the hassle of surge charges and/or availability of the rides.

Black Cabs: Enter the past of London by stepping in one of these iconic black cabs. Beware though, you will be charged based on the metered pricing.

Ride-sharing Apps: Uber and Lyft operate at Luton Airport, and both provide convenient but quite expensive travel options, specifically during peak hours.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Takeoff Point

Luton Airport has an interesting story, which shows a successful evolution from its wartime roots to becoming a key player in the modern travel landscape of the UK. Next time when you are travelling to Luton, do not forget to book a ride at one of the pre-booked Luton taxis to get the most out of your stay at this city.

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