Mystery Jackpot - Daily Big Win Promotion

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Mystery Jackpot - Daily Big Win Promotion

“Mystery Jackpot” is probably a promotion that many players are interested in at our betting website. This is a place that the member community often pays attention to, with prizes higher than any prizes ever. Don't miss this great prize hunting opportunity by referring to the article below for more tips and strategies on website New88

What's special about the "Mystery Jackpot" promotion?

Vietlott lottery is not only a popular form in Vietnam, but also known for its Jackpot prize - one of the biggest prizes that players always dream of winning. The "Mystery Jackpot" prize has a starting value of 12 billion VND and has no maximum limit.

To win the “Mystery Jackpot”, you need to correctly predict all 6 numbers on the lottery ticket in the exact prescribed order. Once a winner is determined, the value of the prize will be divided equally among all Jackpot winning players.

Currently, the "Mystery Jackpot" prize is issued through different Vietlott lottery products, including:

  • Mega 6/45: Jackpot prize has a starting value of 12 billion VND, with no maximum limit.
  • Power 6/55: Jackpot prize has a starting value of 30 billion VND, with no maximum limit.
  • Max 3D: Jackpot prize has a starting value of 2 billion VND, with no maximum limit.
  • Max 3D+: Jackpot prize has a starting value of 3 billion VND, with no maximum limit.

However, Jackpot is not the only prize of Vietlott lottery. Other prizes are also very attractive and have significant value:

  • First prize: Win 6 correct numbers of Mega 6/45 with a value of 2 to 4 billion VND.
    • Second prize: Win 5 correct numbers of Mega 6/45 or Power 6/55 with value from 200 million to 700 million VND.
  • Third prize: Win 4 correct numbers of Mega 6/45 or Power 6/55 with value from 10 million to 40 million VND.

Outstanding features of the "Mysterious Jackpot" prize at the New88 playground

Coming to this "Mystery Jackpot" prize, which is considered one of Vietlott's most difficult prizes to achieve, related promotions also become more attractive than ever. Below are some reasons why players cannot miss the opportunity to participate in the "Mystery Jackpot" promotion:

Greater chance of winning

The "Mystery Jackpot" promotion opens up the opportunity to win prizes with a larger value, possibly up to hundreds of billions of dong. This creates a strong attraction for players who want to change their lives with huge bonuses.

Excitement and excitement

Participating in this prize gives players a feeling of excitement as well as excitement when having the opportunity to win big prizes. Even if you are not lucky enough to win, participating will still bring interesting experiences and satisfy your passion for lucky numbers.

Opportunity to get rich quickly

Jackpot promotions provide opportunities for players to change their lives and get rich quickly if they are lucky enough to win. The large bonus amount can be used for investing, shopping or saving for the future.

Increase your chances of winning prizes

Participating in the "Mystery Jackpot" promotion also helps increase your chances of winning, especially when the programs are held on holidays or special events. Players can receive additional tickets or free spins, increasing their chances of winning.

Ways to hunt for the "Mysterious Jackpot" prize to win for sure

In addition to the simple methods mentioned, there are some other ways you can apply to increase your chances of winning Jackpot:

  • Play regularly: Spending time playing more often combined with buying more tickets will help you better understand the playing process and develop calculation skills. This increases your chances of winning.
  • Apply strategies: Using playing strategies such as playing by number sequence, by rules, or by following the live results table is also an effective way to increase your chances of winning. This strategy helps players prepare carefully and reflect better on their chances of winning.
  • Join a group: Joining a group will help members share the cost of buying tickets to increase their chances of winning. You can buy more tickets to take advantage of the collective power to improve your chances of winning.
  • Understand the rules of the game: Thoroughly understanding the rules of the game as well as how the game works will help you make smarter decisions when participating. This deep understanding will be the key to capturing winning opportunities and increasing your success rate when hunting for Jackpot.

The “Mystery Jackpot” promotion became one of the highest value offers ever, but the number of winners was extremely rare. This is not surprising because its value is so great, making the chance of winning even rarer. To increase your chances of success, join the "Mystery Jackpot" prize now and experience the best playing tips at the New88 brand! Please visit the ESPORTS link immediately

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