New Polyolefin Family Polymers for Drug Delivery Applications

Written by Richard  »  Updated on: April 26th, 2024

New Polyolefin Family Polymers for Drug Delivery Applications

CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of numerous drug delivery products and services, has recently expanded its low PDI polymer portfolio and announces its new offering of Polyolefin Family polymers with a wide range of properties that make them well-suited for a variety of drug delivery applications.

Low dispersion index polymers are polymeric compounds with low molecular weight dispersion. Typically, the structures of such polymers are designed to reduce their dispersion in solution, thereby improving their stability and controllability. They’re widely used as drug carriers mainly because of their ability to efficiently carry and release drug molecules, thereby improving drug bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy. The design of such drug carriers also helps to overcome some of the limitations of conventional drugs such as biostability, water solubility and drug distribution in the body.

The Polyolefin family is a class of polymers derived from simple hydrocarbons with a wide range of promising drug delivery applications. These materials, which include polyethylene and polypropylene, have a number of unique properties suitable for various pharmaceutical applications. For example, Polyolefins’ inertness, biocompatibility, and ability to be tailored to specific drug release profiles make them particularly attractive for the design of drug delivery systems.

In addition, Polyolefin-based drug delivery systems offer excellent stability, ensuring that drug formulations remain intact over time. The biodegradability and minimal toxicity of Polyolefins also make them attractive for the development of sustained-release formulations. Moreover, the tunable properties of Polyolefins allow modulation of drug release kinetics, resulting in precise control of the therapeutic dose.

This family of polymers has proven advantageous in improving the efficacy and safety of drug release and overcoming the challenges associated with conventional formulations. As research continues, the Polyolefin family will continue to attract the attention of scientists and pharmaceutical experts, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize drug delivery strategies and improve patient outcomes.

CD Bioparticles recognizes the potential of the Polyolefin family for pharmaceutical applications and has developed innovative drug delivery systems using Polyolefins based on their inherent properties. The company is committed to working with partners on a number of research and development projects aimed at delivering a variety of drugs using Polyolefins and bringing these novel drug delivery systems to market. Furthermore, CD Bioparticles strives to make further groundbreaking contributions to the field of drug delivery and will continue to honor its commitment to innovation.

With a focus on improving drug efficacy and patient outcomes, CD Bioparticles has harnessed the unique properties of Polyolefin to enhance drug delivery applications. To learn more about new polymers and other products from CD Bioparticles, please visit

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