Office relocation – how do you prepare for it?

Written by Golden Pearl UAE  »  Updated on: April 29th, 2024

Office relocation – how do you prepare for it?

Removing companies and offices is a challenge that requires careful planning and coordination. Forget about the chaotic movement of furniture and equipment - strategy counts here. Issues related to logistics and organization of the moving process itself are essential. Have you wondered how to plan a company move to avoid disrupting your current work? We recommend supporting companies offering Professional Office Movers in Dubai, making planning and carrying out the office move more manageable. Here is a short guide that will tell you how to move your office without unnecessary stress and confusion.

Office relocation – checklist

Relocating a company is a more complicated process than moving a home. Many aspects must be considered to ensure everything runs smoothly and effectively. Here is a realistic checklist of critical tasks to help you organize your company move:

1. Pre-planning:

• Set an exact moving date.

• Decide whether the move will occur in stages or one go.

• Prepare a preliminary moving budget.

2. Choosing a moving company:

• Collect offers from various moving companies.

• Choose a company with experience in corporate relocations.

• Arrange details regarding transport and additional services.

3. Internal communication:

• Inform employees about your plans to move the office

• Establish an action plan and schedule for each department.

• Organize meetings to discuss details and tasks with your team.

4. Resource management:

• Take an inventory of the company's equipment and assets.

• Decide what will be transported and what will be disposed of or sold.

5. Packaging and labeling:

• Provide packing materials (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape).

• Label boxes and equipment according to department and purpose.

6. Data and documentation protection:

• Secure sensitive company data and documents.

• Determine who will be responsible for transporting important documents.

7. Logistics and space planning:

• Determine how desks and equipment will be arranged in the new location.

• Organize a transportation plan to minimize work downtime.

8. Relocation of IT technology and equipment:

• Plan the safe transportation of computer equipment and servers.

• Organize quick assembly and configuration of equipment in a new location.

9. Cleaning works and liquidation of the old office:

• Make sure your old office is cleared and ready to be handed over.

• Organize the removal of garbage and unnecessary items.

10. Completion of the move and acclimatization:

• Make sure everything is unpacked and set up correctly.

• Hold a meeting with employees to discuss new settings and procedures.

11. Final adjustments:

• Carry out quality checks and make any corrections.

• Take care of the last details, such as decorations and signage.

12. Company information update:

• Update your address in commercial registers and with suppliers.

• Inform customers and partners about your address change.

This checklist is a solid starting point, but remember that Movers and Dubai Packers differ. Adapt this list to the specifics of your company and its needs. Planning and organizing an office move is the key to success, so start as early as possible!

Office relocation – how do you choose the right moving company?

Choosing the right moving company to help you move your office in Dubai is crucial. Some essential criteria must be considered to ensure a smooth move.

Start by defining your needs. Relocating an office in Dubai is a complex task that requires precise planning and implementation. It is essential that the Delight Movers offers office relocations and is experienced in them.

• Experience and opinions: Look for views about the company you want to hire for office relocation online and ask for references. Experience in office relocations is crucial because they require specialized knowledge and equipment.

• Price list of services: The company needs to be transparent regarding prices. Ask for a detailed estimate to avoid unexpected fees.

• Scope of services: Check whether the company offers storage services in Dubai, from dismantling and packing to transporting and assembling furniture in a new location.

• Flexibility: An office relocation in Dubai may require the moving company to be flexible, especially when it comes to scheduling.

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