Scrape Grubhub Data | Growing USA Online Food Delivery Market

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Scrape Grubhub Data | Growing USA Online Food Delivery Market

Navigating the Surge: The Swift Rise of Grubhub in the Rapidly Growing US Online Food Delivery Market

Nov 24, 2023


Despite the widespread economic impact of the pandemic on the US, the online food delivery sector emerged as a resilient force. Experiencing exponential growth, this market more than doubled during the COVID-19 era, surpassing its already robust historical 8 percent growth rate. Notably, food delivery platforms such as Grubhub thrived amid increased demand for home delivery due to social distancing measures. This blog delves into a concise analysis of Grubhub's accelerated growth with Grubhub data scraping focusing on critical cities with substantial user bases like New York, Chicago, and Boston. Additionally, insights from Grubhub are juxtaposed with those of its primary competitor, DoorDash, offering a comprehensive perspective on the evolving landscape of the online food delivery industry with food delivery apps scraping.


Examining the chart reveals that New York boasts the largest user base, constituting nearly 36% of the total sales. Conversely, Miami holds the smallest share of sales at 6%. It is evident that states with larger populations exhibit relatively higher sales figures.

Noteworthy Findings

New York has the highest count of Grubhub-listed restaurants at 11,544, trailed by Chicago with 5,950 and Boston with 1,881 establishments.

55% to 58% of customers express satisfaction with their online ordering experiences on Grubhub.

Decoding The Triumph Of Food Delivery Apps: An Analysis Of Grubhub

Were you aware that Grubhub clinched the most significant sales share (36%) among premier online food delivery services in New York City? Now, what sets apart successful online food delivery platforms like Grubhub? Let's delve into the critical determinants of their success.

In this blog, we will explore several pivotal success factors, including:

Culinary Diversity

Customer Service Excellence

Pricing and Promotional Offers

Punctuality in Deliveries

Reviews and Ratings

Punctuality in deliveries has emerged as a focal point, with studies indicating that timely service plays a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty for food delivery apps. Given the impatience of hungry customers, average delivery time is a critical factor influencing the appraisal of food delivery platforms.

Explore the anticipated food delivery times for Grubhub in New York, Chicago, and Boston below using Grubhub data scraping:


On average, Chicago residents experience a 40-minute wait for Grubhub food deliveries. Refer to the chart below for a visual representation:


In a proactive effort to enhance customer satisfaction and elevate service standards, Grubhub has introduced a novel feature known as the 'Grubhub Guarantee.' This commitment assures customers of punctual food delivery and the most competitive prices compared to other providers. Should these assurances still need to be met, Grubhub rectifies the situation through complimentary Grubhub Perks, which translates to free food for users. The process to Scrape Grubhub data is seamless; users can submit their claims through the app, and eligible orders receive Guarantee perks that can be applied to future orders, ensuring a customer-centric approach and reinforcing Grubhub's dedication to delivering a positive user experience.

Prices & Discounts

The online food delivery market in the United States surged to a valuation of $20.8 billion in 2020, fueled significantly by the pivotal role of food prices in these apps' success. While the pandemic initiated this market's rapid expansion, ongoing preferences for online food ordering are sustained by discounts and opportunities for savings. Grubhub stands out for its budget-friendly menu options and frequent discount offerings. Furthermore, the availability of Grubhub promo codes enables consumers to save on every order. The Grubhub+ program enhances customer benefits with exclusive deals at select restaurants and perks like unlimited free delivery on orders exceeding $12. The accompanying chart illustrates the average food item prices on Grubhub.


Diverse Culinary Choices

Grubhub consistently expands its 'Restaurant Inventory,' adding hundreds of new restaurants monthly. This dynamic growth empowers the app to provide consumers with an extensive selection of cuisines. The chart below shows the total number of cuisines available on Grubhub and Doordash across various cities.


Beyond a diverse array of options, the allure of high quality further entices consumers to place orders. Consequently, Grubhub prioritizes granting users effortless access to popular and highly-rated cuisines. The chart below visually represents some of the most favored cuisines on both Grubhub and Doordash.

Beyond-a-diverse-array-of-options-the-allure-of-high-quality-further Beyond-a-diverse-array-of-options-the-allure-of-high-quality-further-2

Customer Service Excellence

A recent survey highlights that delivery-related issues have disappointed nearly 78% of customers. A pivotal strategy for delivering a remarkable customer experience involves ensuring the quality of crucial interactions. The survey underscores that potential issues such as inconsistent delivery time updates and sudden increases in wait times can impede the success of these apps.

In response, Grubhub has implemented multiple measures to elevate its in-app customer experience. Notably, the company has encouraged restaurants to provide maximum transparency regarding the status of each order. The platform ensures timely food packing, pickup, and delivery updates to keep users informed. In a significant improvement, users can now order on the app within just 40 seconds, a notable reduction from the traditional minimum of two-minute call durations.

Reviews & Ratings

Studies show that over 52% of 18 to 32-year-olds consider online reviews when dining. Ratings, reviews, and overall customer satisfaction are critical to the popularity of food delivery apps like Grubhub.

So, what is the extent of Grubhub's popularity?

Remarkably, users who peruse reviews on Grubhub are 1.4 times more inclined to place an order than those who do not. Unsurprisingly, the company places substantial importance on garnering favorable ratings and reviews from its customer base.

Grubhub has strategically implemented measures to outpace competitors and elevate the user experience. It has instituted a stringent protocol that listed restaurants and their delivery partners must adhere to. These guidelines ensure users receive accurate and timely orders without compromising on quality. This commitment has notably contributed to positive outcomes.

Refer to the chart below for a visual representation:


Notably, approximately 48% of Grubhub's customers have given a 4 out of 5 rating to the menu options in three cities. Refer to the chart below for a visual representation:


Delving deeper into the reviews provided insights into the sentiments expressed. A summary of the sentiment analysis is presented in the chart below.


Upon close observation, it becomes apparent that approximately 55% to 60% of customers express satisfaction with their orders. Around 7% of customers also provided neutral reviews across all three cities. In contrast, an intriguing observation emerged – many consumers refrain from leaving reviews and ratings on DoorDash. The diagram below illustrates that nearly 73% of users abstain from posting reviews on Doordash. The absence of reviews and customer ratings can foster a sense of distrust among users, prompting them to explore alternative food delivery apps.


In the thriving landscape of the food delivery market, companies like Grubhub and Doordash must refrain from complacency. Prioritizing the abovementioned factors is instrumental in maintaining customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Embracing The New Norm: The Rise Of Food Delivery

In the past two decades, a transformative shift has occurred in how people approach their meals. What was once limited to pizza and easy takeouts for restaurant-quality deliveries has evolved into a global market surpassing $140 billion, experiencing more than a threefold increase since 2018.

The current scenario presents an opportune moment for those contemplating entry into the online food delivery market. Establishing a comprehensive restaurant database and implementing a sustainable pickup and delivery plan can be facilitated with strategic location datasets. Obtain restaurant chain location datasets more effortlessly through the Mobile App Scraping Data Store.

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