Social Media Trends in this modern India

Written by Red Dash Media  »  Updated on: May 31st, 2024

Social Media Trends in this modern India

The application of the social media platform is a phenomenon, which has shifted the course of marketing and business in the past decade. Now in this modern world of technology students are connected to different social media platforms like facebook, insta, twitter, linkedin etc, so different brand has got an opportunity to directly interact with the customers and make them grow or enhance. Based on the findings of the previous currents, there are over 3. The investigation found that over three were reported. 88% of the active social media users will be in 2021 and will be 6 billion. For instance, India has the highest absolute number of social media users of over 450 million today. This makes the need for social media presence to be crucial for the current brand.

Nevertheless, control of social media requires skill, time and perseverance in order to bring about these changes. It may be more effective to use an agency to solely focus on social media marketing with an especially strong focus in this area. Such social media agencies are in a better position of having the right information, resources as well as involving professionals in planning and executing efficient social media strategies that suit the needs of a business entity and its particular target group.

Being a social media marketing agency in Delhi India we provide complete social media solutions to brands and organizations. Effective services which are provided are Social Media Management, Paid promotions, Influencer marketing, visual content, ORM and much more with the best tactical strategies for the data driven social media and its RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Some of the services that they offered were:

Social Media Strategy & Consulting: This means that the agency’s social media consultants will need to secure market intelligence on particular market segments before effectively and appropriately designing the right strategies in consonance with business objectives. The key output for a strategy document is the specification of which platforms to use, what content to create, which engagement initiatives to conduct, what paid ad campaigns to execute, ORM tactics, crisis management plan etc.

Community Management: Community management during the 24/7 consists in working with the people and answering the questions and the concerns as well as keeping the moderation of the pages. To achieve the goals regarding the organic audience, the SMM specialists of the agency focused on the growth and the effective maintenance of the positive attitude among the audience.

Influencer Marketing: There is a powerful tool for improving the brand exposure level and targeting the right audience – influencer marketing. The agency has the vision of involving special categories of people and involving the proper personalities for promotions; the micro influencers, micro celebrity influencers, and the celebrity influencers.

Social Listening & Analytics: Another source of information about the conversations within the particular markets is in real time Social Listening. The specific campaign data is provided based on the number of brand mentions, reach values and engagement rate, as well as the sentiment analysis and other such aspects.

Social Media Agency in Delhi having the expertise in total utilization of various social media channels to develop and implement right social media marketing strategies which are essential to build brand image, attract website traffic, sell products and gain more conversions. They are conversant with all the existing trends and innovations concerning the social media platforms. This agency has over the past years successfully incorporated social media for over one hundred and fifty brands in business sectors like fashion, real estate, health, education and the hospitality industry. .

Some of the tangible outcomes delivered by the agency include:

  • This has actualised into a growth of 60X its followers on Facebook in the same one year period.
  • Higher engagement rate, there should be thirty percent rise of it. : There is indication that the engagement rate should experience a thirty percent rise.
  • It may be found that Website traffic that come through the social media account for nearly four times than the other methods used.
  • Indeed, the site’s recorded sales experienced a drastic increase in the online sales to 55 percent.

Social media networking is an inevitable part and parcel of brand promotions to sustain and conquer in the era of competitors and therefore, it is very much necessary for a brand to have an optimum, innovative & result oriented social media agency in Gurgaon to represent its social media networking and to achieve its organizational goals / objectives online.

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