Viral Marketing: Encouraging organic reach and user sharing

Written by Dennis  »  Updated on: July 08th, 2024

Viral Marketing: Encouraging organic reach and user sharing

Viral marketing is simply a strategy businesses use to make their content spread like wildfire all over the internet and media space which ultimately triggers engagement and user sharing.

For businesses, viral marketing is important because it helps them reach a wide range of audiences in a short time that they otherwise wouldn't reach using a basic marketing strategy.

This strategy influences users' activities online such that a person can share content just because it has a lot of views, shares and likes.

For users, viral marketing is good because it provides them with free information about basically anything they want to know. This is also where the word-of-mouth viral marketing comes into play. Consumers can search for and buy a product online because a lot of people are talking about it and using it, especially if two or three people among their cliques of friends are users.

With all these said, this is a strategy that no business should overlook. But, how do you leverage viral marketing as a business owner?

How to leverage the power of viral marketing?

Social media should be your playground when leveraging viral marketing.

Use Social Media: When leveraging viral marketing, social media should be your playground. Craft content that would resonate with the user demographic of each social media platform you use. Or, you can streamline your marketing to specific platforms that you know your desired audience will use. This would make your content targeted and effective. Word-of-mouth can be good but it does not have the same power and influence that social media has over its users.

Craft Emotion Triggering Content: This is a powerful content strategy for viral marketing. Let your content have the ability to trigger emotions like joy and surprise from your audience. This way, it would create a lasting impact on their subconscious and it won't be difficult for your audience to share or talk about your content with others.

Spin a Good Story in Your Content: Everyone loves a good story, especially ones with a happily ever after. By crafting content like this, your business will draw the attention of its audience with ease and the good story end will make your content more shareable.

Add Amusement to Your Content: Content that makes people laugh tends to have more likes and shares than humour-lacking content. This is why many SEO agency in Bradford add humour to their content to bring laughs and smiles to their audience's faces.

You can incorporate some humour into your social media ads by incorporating memes into your video and written content.

Let Your Audience Join in Content Creation: This strategy is useful in lead conversion. Encourage your users to share content of how your product or service has been helpful to them then use it as content to increase your brand awareness. This will initiate more engagement and user sharing won't be difficult.

For example, if you have a skincare brand, you can share before and after video content from your users. You can also encourage them to tag your Brand's page when they share content regarding your products or services on their social media page. This is another way of making your users brand ambassadors.

Now, you should know and understand your audience to effectively leverage viral marketing as a business owner.

What Will Encourage My Audience to Share and Engage With My Brand’s Content?

First and foremost, viral marketing is not difficult. All it takes is understanding how the human mind treats and relates with virality and how you can use it to your advantage.

Secondly, you should know the factors that contribute to audience engagement and user sharing. So ask yourself, what would make people engage and share my brand's content?

It's simple.

Offer Value: Let your content have something to offer your audience, something new and fresh such that they'll be willing to tell the world about it through their shares.

This means your content marketing should be innovative and creative. Offer information for free like tutorials regarding how to use your products or services better.

For example, if you give an interior home decoration service, you can create content centred around practical DIYs they can attempt at home to save money. This will tell your audience you have their interest at heart and such loyalty will trigger an emotion of joy that will lead to engagement and sharing.

Social Testimonials and Reviews: Every consumer out there wants to feel safe while purchasing a product or patronizing a service.

As such, it is the responsibility of business owners to make their audience trust their brand. You can get this done by sharing testimonials, reviews and video content shared by other users on your social media page. When your audience sees the large amount of reviews by other users, it will encourage them to share and engage with the content.


A brand image does not go viral overnight, it takes time and careful preparation.

Therefore, your viral marketing strategy must be carefully planned in order to get your desired result.

By understanding your target audience, the social media platforms to use and what makes viral content, your viral marketing campaign will definitely drive organic traffic and user sharing.

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