What Are the Seating Options on Frontier Airlines?

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What Are the Seating Options on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines, known for its ultra-low-cost model, has a distinct approach to seating that reflects its budget-friendly philosophy while still offering passengers a variety of options. Understanding how Frontier Airlines seating works can help travelers make informed decisions and enhance their flying experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to expect.

Seating Options

Frontier Airlines offers several seating options to accommodate different passenger preferences and budgets:

  1. Standard Seats: These are the most basic seats on Frontier Airlines. They are designed to maximize the number of passengers on the aircraft and typically offer standard legroom. While they are the most economical choice, they do not recline and may feel a bit cramped for taller passengers.
  2. Stretch Seats: For those seeking more comfort, Stretch seats provide additional legroom and recline. These seats are ideal for passengers who want more space to relax, stretch out, and enjoy the flight. Stretch seats are located at the front of the aircraft and in the exit rows, providing quicker access to boarding and disembarking.
  3. Exit Row Seats: Positioned in the emergency exit rows, these seats offer extra legroom similar to Stretch seats but come with the added responsibility of assisting in an emergency. Passengers in these seats must meet certain requirements, such as being able-bodied and fluent in English.

Seat Selection Process

The process of selecting a seat on Frontier Airlines can be broken down into a few key stages:

  1. During Booking: When booking a flight on Frontier Airlines, passengers have the option to select their seats for an additional fee. This is the best time to secure preferred seating, especially if traveling with companions or if specific seat preferences are important. The earlier you book, the more options you will have.
  2. Post-Booking: If you didn't choose a seat during the initial booking, you can still select one later through the "Manage My Booking" section on Frontier's website. Again, this service comes with a fee.
  3. Check-In: If you prefer not to pay extra for seat selection, you can wait until check-in. At this point, Frontier will assign you a seat for free. However, the seat assigned may not be to your liking, and traveling groups may be split up.

Fees and Membership Discounts

Frontier Airlines charges fees for seat selection, which vary depending on the route, the type of seat, and how early you book. Stretch and Exit Row seats are more expensive due to their added benefits. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • Standard Seats: Generally the least expensive, with fees varying from $5 to $20 per seat.
  • Stretch Seats: Typically range from $16 to $56 per seat, depending on the flight length and demand.
  • Exit Row Seats: Prices are similar to Stretch seats but can sometimes be slightly higher due to their desirable location.

Frontier Airlines offers a membership program called Discount Den. Members of Discount Den often receive reduced prices on seat selection and other perks. Joining Discount Den can be a cost-effective option if you fly frequently with Frontier.

Tips for Choosing the Best Seat

  • Book Early: To get the best selection and potentially lower fees, book your seat as early as possible.
  • Check Seat Maps: Use Frontier’s seat maps during booking to identify the best available seats. Look for Stretch seats or those in exit rows for more legroom.
  • Consider Your Needs: If you need extra space or prefer a specific location (like closer to the front for quicker exits), be willing to pay a bit more for a better seat.
  • Join Discount Den: If you travel often with Frontier, the membership can save you money on seat selection and other fees.

Understanding Frontier Airlines’ seating options and policies can help you have a more comfortable and enjoyable flight. While the airline's low-cost model means that many conveniences come with additional fees, planning ahead and knowing your options can make a significant difference in your travel experience. Whether you opt for a budget-friendly Standard seat or splurge on a Stretch seat, knowing how the system works ensures you get the best value for your money.

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