What Program can open MBOX File of Mac in Windows Outlook?

Written by jully william  »  Updated on: July 08th, 2024

 What Program can open MBOX File of Mac in Windows Outlook?

Are you worried about the files you made on your Mac while using Apple Mail since you're switching from the Mac to the Windows platform? Have you set up Outlook for Windows and are having trouble opening MBOX files in the same way? Are you wondering what application may open a Mac's MBOX file in Windows Outlook? Searching for a more straightforward method for the same? You won't need to worry though, as this article will show you how to access a Mac MBOX file with emails and attachments in Windows Outlook.

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Why is it so difficult for users to open Mac MBOX files in Windows Outlook?

Because it was created by Mac and is the company's primary email platform, Apple Mail is a well-known email client for Mac users. Professionals using Macs frequently utilize it to exchange daily emails. However, for a variety of reasons, they occasionally need to transition to a new operating system. Changing jobs is one of them. Some businesses use the Mac or Windows operating systems. As a result, users who switch from a Mac-using firm to one that uses Windows face numerous difficulties. Because they have to transfer their whole Mac database over to Windows in addition to simply changing their operating system, which can be extremely taxing for them.

In order to effortlessly move MBOX files into Windows operating systems, customers archive all of their Apple Mail email messages before switching to the Mac operating system. The issue at hand is that, while switching to Windows, users have to configure the Outlook email application since, similar to how Apple Mail is the standard email client on Macs, Outlook is the standard email program on Windows and supports PST files. Their file formats are incomparable, and their email platforms are distinct from one another. Users start to worry in these circumstances since they can't seem to figure out a way to get MBOX emails into Windows Outlook.

As a result, you will find a tool on the blog that allows you to open Mac MBOX files in Windows Outlook.

What application allows Mac MBOX files to be opened in Windows Outlook?

The DataVare MBOX to PST Mac Converter Tool offers a quick and accurate method for opening Mac MBOX files in Windows Outlook. Both technical and non-technical users can independently use the application's straightforward and user-friendly interface to complete the necessary work. The batch conversion of MBOX files into PST can be completed in a matter of seconds because to the streamlined operating processes, which are fewer in number.

Additionally, the program offers a plethora of features and choices that enable users to open MBOX files into Windows in accordance with their needs. However, if you download the application's free demo version, you can experience the complete task.

How the DataVare MBOX to PST Converter for Mac Tool Operates

Step 1: On your Mac, download and launch the Mac MBOX to PST Converter Tool.

Step 2: Add MBOX files or the complete folder containing an unlimited number of MBOX files to the application for conversion by using the Add File(s)/Add Folder button, then click Next.

Step 3: The program starts listing MBOX files with checkboxes right away. If you wish to open particular MBOX files into PST, you can adjust the checkbox option according to your needs. To proceed, click Next.

Step 4: From the menu, select PST format by clicking Select Saving Options.

Step 5: Use the PST options, such as "Create Separate PST for each MBOX file" and "Set Destination Path," according to your needs. Next, select the Export option.

Step 6: The conversion process will begin, and a tool will show a Live Conversion Report so that users may monitor the progress of their MBOX file conversions.

After a little while, the conversion will be finished successfully, and a "Conversion Completed" pop-up will show up in front of you. After selecting OK, navigate to the PST file location. You can now use an external disk or a cloud service to transfer them in Windows. On the other hand, the folder structure will appear in the correct sequence and the conversion will be carried out without changing any data.

In summary

We have answered the question, "What program opens MBOX file of Mac in Windows Outlook?" in the blog. The amazing thing about DataVare MBOX to PST Converter for Mac is that it's not simply a converter; it also protects your data. Anyone can use it and do the assignment with ease. You can check the process for free by downloading the trial version. Additionally, it will assist you in opening the first 25 PST emails and attachments for free. Also, in addition to PST,

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