Why Do Smartphone Manufacturers Focus on Making Affordable Phones

Written by Bunty Goswami  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Why Do Smartphone Manufacturers Focus on Making Affordable Phones

Having a smartphone has become mandatory in today’s world. From doing online payments to attending virtual classes, you need a well proficient smartphone for everything. Thanks to the smartphone manufacturers making the best mobile under 10,000, which is cheap and affordable. 

However, the cost-effectiveness doesn’t affect the quality of the smartphone. If you are looking to buy an excellently performing smartphone, then you should definitely go for the best Samsung phone under 10,000.

Let's glance at some of the leading causes why smartphone manufacturers focus on making the best mobile under 10,000 or more affordable phones to the consumers. 

1. The Audience:

We know that every smartphone buyer is educated and knows how this market performs. The buyers have the knowledge needed to get the most out of their money and are looking for the affordable and the best mobile under 10,000 Rs. Keeping low prices is super-competitive in the smartphone market due to its hyper-elastic demand. 

A hyper-elastic demand means a minimal change in the price has a massive effect on the number of units demanded. The smartphone manufacturers take this advantage and slash their prices by making the best mobile under 10,000 Rs to suffocate the local prices as soon as they enter a new market. 

For instance, you can buy a Samsung phone under 10,000 Rs with versatile models available at cheaper rates. The Samsung Galaxy series M12 and F12 is a Samsung phone under the 10,000 rupees segment. 

2. The Strategy:

The brands have the advantage of playing by numbers since we have a massive population. The manufacturers can make the best mobile under 10,000 Rs because they can afford to sell the mobile phones for a smaller profit margin which means the devices will sell in larger quantities. 

For instance, if we take any Samsung phone under 10,000 Rs, the brand does not profit from the hardware. They benefit from the in-built ads and bloatware apps. So, the logical way to make the best mobile under 10,000 Rs is to get their phones in as many hands as possible. 

In addition, for the Samsung phone under the 10,000 rupees segment, the brand will opt for a second-mover advantage to avoid risk in investing R&D and innovations that may fail.

3. The Message:

One of the essential benefits of owning a subsidiary brand is that each can create, exploit, and market a unique brand image. For instance, Samsung manufactures a varied range of devices, and the user can purchase the Samsung phone under the 10,000 Rs segment. 

Samsung listened to the customers' feedback and simulated the low-budget Samsung phone at the price of Rs. 10,000. The point here is that manufacturers tend to make the best mobile under 10,000 Rs and present a more customer-centric brand. 

4. More variety:

By producing cost-effective and budget-friendly mobile phones in the market, the brand has the potential to offer more varieties with more exclusive features that will appeal to the customers. 

The majority of the best-selling brands like Redmi, Samsung and many more follow this strategy to launch more variety into the market. Now you can get the best Samsung phone under 10,000. 

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