Zerodha Account Opening Charges in 2024

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Zerodha Account Opening Charges in 2024

Zerodha is a discount stock broker offering trading services across Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, and Currency segments on BSE, NSE, and MCX for Indian investors. Established in 2010, Zerodha revolutionized the brokerage industry with a discounted brokerage model and online trading technology to keep costs low.

By 2013, it disrupted the traditional brokerage sector. As of January 2024, Zerodha holds a significant market share, with over 19% of trades on BSE and NSE. While it mainly focuses on equity and commodity trading, Zerodha also offers services like demat accounts and mutual funds. Please check out our article about Zerodha Review for a detailed analysis.

Zerodha Account Types

To trade or invest with Zerodha, you need to open a trading account. If you plan to take delivery of stocks, you'll also need a demat account. The demat account is optional if you want to trade only in derivatives.

Zerodha offers three types of accounts:

Trading Account: For equity and currency derivatives.

Demat Account: For stock delivery.

Commodity Account: For trading commodity futures on MCX.

They also offer a 2-in-1 account, which combines trading and demat accounts for seamless transactions. You can enable each segment separately during or after the account opening process.

Zerodha Account Opening Charges 2024

Zerodha's account opening charges vary based on the account type and whether you choose the online or offline process:

Individual Account:

Online Account Opening:

  • Equity Segment: Rs 200
  • Equity and Commodity Segments: Rs 300

Offline Account Opening:

  • Equity Segment: Rs 400
  • Equity and Commodity Segments: Rs 600

Other Accounts (NRI, Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate):

Offline Account Opening:

  • Equity Segment: Rs 500
  • Equity and Commodity Segments: Rs 800

Note: NRI, Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate accounts can only be opened offline.

Documents Required for Zerodha Demat/Trading Account

For Online Account Opening:

PAN card

Aadhaar (linked to your mobile number)

Cancelled cheque or bank statement


Proof of income (Form-16, IT acknowledgment, 6-month bank statement, or latest salary slip)

For Offline Account Opening:

Filled application form

Supporting documents: PAN card, cancelled cheque or bank statement, photo, proof of income (Form-16, IT acknowledgment, 6-month bank statement, or latest salary slip)

Cheque for account opening charges

For assistance, you can request a callback from Zerodha’s account opening team.

How to Open Zerodha Account Online?

If your Aadhaar is linked to your mobile number, you can open your account online:


Complete the online form.

Prepare these documents:

  • Self-attested PAN card copy
  • Scanned signature
  • Aadhaar card with the first 8 digits blacked out
  • Bank proof (personalized cancelled cheque, bank statement, or bank passbook copy)
  • Income proof for F&O trading (bank statement, latest salary slip, ITR acknowledgment, Form 16, net worth certificate, or demat holdings statement)

The online process usually takes up to 72 working hours. You’ll receive an email with your user ID once the account is opened.

How to Open Zerodha Account Offline?

If your Aadhaar isn’t linked to your phone number, you’ll need to open an account offline. Zerodha charges Rs 400 for offline account opening. Steps to open an account offline:

  1. Download and print the PDF Account Opening Form for Equity and Commodity Trading.
  2. Fill in the details and sign the form.
  3. Attach the necessary documents.
  4. Send the completed forms via courier to Zerodha’s office.

Your account should be opened within two days if all details are correct.

Why Zerodha is India’s Most Popular Stock Broker?

Zerodha stands out for several reasons:

  • Leading in the Industry: Most active clients, high market volume, and a growing customer base.
  • Dependable and Safe: Renowned for reliability and safeguarding investments.
  • User-Friendly Tools: Easy-to-use trading tools for all investors.
  • Low Costs: No brokerage fees for equities and mutual funds; maximum Rs 20 per transaction for other trades.
  • Intraday Leverage: Up to 20x leverage for intraday trading.
  • Direct Mutual Funds: Zero commission for mutual fund investments.
  • Advanced Tech Solutions: Innovative apps like Zerodha Kite and platforms like Coin, along with educational resources like Varsity.
  • Diverse Tools: Thematic investments (Smallcase), algo trading (Streak), options trading (Sensibull), bond trading (GoldenPi), and insurance (Ditto).

In summary, Zerodha is a trusted stockbroker in India, offering user-friendly tools, low costs, and a variety of investment options for all types of investors.

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