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Sarthak Mangal

I am the founder of gymfreek.com


How to drive quality traffic to your website from Quora and boost your affiliate sales

QUORA MARKETING: How to get free traffic from Quora In this video i have told about quora marketing tutorial and how to get free traffic from quora . Its all...

#Blogging #Affiliate Marketing #Increase Website Traffic #Blogging Videos

how we can increase domain authority quickly ?

i am worried about domain authority that my page authority but domain still........can anybody help me about it...........

#Blogging Community

Not getting a single pageview

Hey, so I'm a new blogger, and I am practically learning about it as I speak. However, the main problem with my blog is that I am not getting any pageview, not a single one! I checked whether my blog is public, and it is. What should I do in this situation, and what did you guys do?

#Blogging Community

Rahul Gupta

4 minutes, 4 seconds read


6 Benefits of using Canva for Bloggers

Canva is one of the applications that help in adding a special element to your blog, which makes it presentable and more value-adding. So if you are a blogger o...

#Blogging #Tools & Resources

What should I do if someone copies my website content?

A lot of bloggers are worried and has faced this issue... Sharing ways what to do when something like this happens

#Blogging Community

Indian Travel Blogger – Santwona Patnaik from WANDER BIRD

I am an avid travel writer, blogger, travel enthusiast and a full-time nature lover, set on a journey to spin magic with words. Writing and travelling define the two major passions of my life. So, writing travelogues is much more than just...

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