April 03rd, 2024

Exploring Packaging Innovations in the Drinks Industry: Beverage Boxes

Exploring Packaging Innovations in the Drinks Industry: Beverage Boxes

Packaging is not only about holding a product. It can be regarded as being a company’s silent communicator. Nowadays beverage boxes employ innovative and effective designs to create something that will protect the beverage whilst also marketing it effectively. The packaging is able to represent a company’s identity, values, as well as commitment, allowing a lasting impression to be given to consumers.

People are now demanding sustainable packaging and so this industry is also opting for boxes such as this. The innovations in packaging have resulted in good-quality, environmentally-friendly, as well as attractive packaging being made.

The following explores packaging innovations in the drinks industry:

Packaging Material

The packaging material options are now many when it comes to packaging all products including beverages. You need to make sure your beverage product remains safe from external influences such as high temperatures, humidity, germs, etc. People will not buy a product that is in packaging that is breaking.

From the many options present in the industry, you can choose the one most suited to your product. Kraft, corrugated cardboard and cardboard beverage packaging are popular to package drinks as you can get something that your product will remain secure in. The packaging materials are also popular in the industry due to them being customizable and of a high-quality.

Sustainable Packaging

Millennials and many people are demanding sustainable packaging solutions. There is much pressure on natural resources and so much waste in the environment which many people know about now. This is why people are looking for ways to play their role in limiting waste which packaging can produce unless done carefully.

You need to select packaging materials to make the boxes from that will not cause waste to accumulate in the environment and those materials that are sustainable. The above mentioned ones fall into these categories. You can get packaging that will be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable so businesses and consumers can play their role in limiting their carbon footprint.

When you print the box you should also choose sustainable inks so that the packaging looks good and will not damage the Earth. Water based inks or algae inks for instance can be used.

Pay Attention To Detail

The product design needs to be considered carefully so that it draws the attention of people. When consumers look at the packaging they should be convinced to pick up the product. The beverage industry is very competitive and you must focus on standing out here. You can look at the packaging that other businesses have designed and design something that is unique but also stands out.

When designing beverage packaging wholesale, it is important that you only add important details on it and not anything unnecessary. Avoid adding too many colors and images because minimalism can help make the packaging attract and stand out.

When it comes to colors, look at color psychology so that you add only the relevant ones with meaning. For example if you are selling a healthy drink and want to give the impression of purity, you can include white on the packaging. Drinks for kids are able to have bright colors that attract children and let them know the beverage product is for them.

Images must be included which will help people know about the beverage you are selling. Be careful here and avoid those images that will give a confusing packaging design.

Details On Packaging

You will need to educate people concerning what type of beverage you are selling. An effective way to do this is by using the packaging of the product. You can add information about the drink on it in a readable and attractive way.

If you are selling alcoholic drinks you need to know what information must be included according to the law. You should add it in prominently on printed beverage packaging.

You can state the flavor of the drink, its quantity, ingredients, warnings, etc. It is effective to even include details about why people should choose the beverage product you are selling. For example there may be some healthy ingredient in it and if this is so, you should let people know about it so that they will want to try out the product. Brands need to be truthful here.

Packaging innovations in the beverage industry have resulted in custom beverage packaging being able to be perfect for the product. By adding brand details like a company logo, company contact details, etc. on the box you are able to help let people know about your brand being present in this industry.

Choose good-quality and sustainable packaging options so that you can attract more people to the products you are selling. The packaging design should even be able to convince people that your brand is indeed selling a high-quality and delicious beverage product.

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