How To Recover The Password Of An Outlook Data File

Written by jully william  »  Updated on: July 10th, 2024


Many Outlook users choose to password-protect their PST files to reduce the possibility of someone prying into nothing. Furthermore, even after sharing the password with someone, they could still need to change it periodically due to specific needs. Outlook offers the ability to change the previous password. Furthermore, if you don't remember the previous password, you cannot use this feature. We will talk about efficient ways to retrieve the password for an Outlook Data File in this blog post.

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Some users create a password for the Outlook PST file out of worry for the security of their data. This will motivate consumers to protect their data from viruses and unauthorized access. Users need to retrieve that data in the event that they have misplaced or forgotten their Outlook password. Now, we'll examine a step-by-step procedure for changing an Outlook data file (.pst) password in the section below.

We'll discuss two strategies in this blog post to get past the Outlook data file password. The manual method and the professional method are two of them.

Outlook Data File Password Recovery Using the Manual Method

You can only use the manual technique if you can still recall the password. It is not possible to manually update the password if the user cannot remember it. To retrieve the password for an Outlook data file, follow these manual steps:

  1. Start by launching the Microsoft Outlook program. Click the "File" menu item. Hit Account Settings one again after tapping Account Settings.
  2. Click the Data Files tab when the dialogue box appears. After selecting your Outlook PST file, select Settings.
  3. Outlook Data File appears as a dialogue window. Click or tap the "Change Password" option.
  4. By inputting the previous password, you can generate a new one. Click OK once you've entered the requirements in the box.

Note: In the end, the password you specified protects your file now. The PST file will prompt you for a password each time you attempt to access it. Thus, for future reference, we advise you to write down the updated password.

As you are aware, changing or resetting the password for an Outlook data file requires the manual technique. Therefore, we will recommend using Outlook Data File Password Recovery, a professional procedure, to change the password in order to resolve the issue.

Expert Technique for Outlook Data File Password Recovery

The Outlook Data File Password Recovery application is a undependable and risk-free alternative to DataVare Outlook PST Password Recovery. Users of Microsoft Outlook can easily change or recover the password for protected PST files with its assistance. It can unlock PST files and safely restore PST passwords, allowing you to access the mailbox element without interruption.

How the PST Password Recovery Tool Operates

  1. The "DataVare Outlook Password Recovery" tool can be downloaded and used.
  2. To choose the PST file that is password-protected, click the "Open" button.
  3. In order to retrieve your password from the PST file, click the "Recover" button.
  4. Select "Copy to Clipboard" and store the password that you recovered.
  5. Finally, to end the application, press the "Exit" button.

These are the procedures for employing a professional approach to crack the Outlook data file's PST password. This expert approach is incredibly safe and doesn't result in data loss or inconsistent results throughout recovery procedures.

Check out some of its important features now.

  • A Few of the Important Elements of the Expert Instrument
  • permits users to open Microsoft Outlook PST files in ANSI and UNICODE.
  • supports effectively deleting passwords from Outlook PST files.
  • The program has the ability to modify the previous password. Additionally, it generates a fresh password to open the file.
  • Developed effectively to modify or retrieve lost PST file passwords without requiring Outlook installation.
  • With the use of its GUI interface, non-technical users can easily recover or modify the password for a PST file.

In summary

We've covered how to simply retrieve the password from an Outlook data file here. We've spoken about two approaches: one that is manual and the other that uses an automatic program like DataVare PST Password Recovery Tool. when you can't remember the password for a password-protected PST file. Then, the only surefire way to get the Outlook data file password prompt back is to use an automatic method.

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