Is able to move while invisible using the right

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Is able to move while invisible using the right

Is able to move while invisible using the right Skill/Perk combination Dark And Darker Gold, which is deadly when used properly.

Don't Worry Too Much About Fighting PvE Enemies: Fighting against the NPC monsters is where the Rogue can actually struggle quite a bit, more often than not it's better to just kite them, run around, and close doors behind them.

Crouching While Stabbing Actually Works: Like in a lot of first-person shooters, crouching mid-combat can actually turn the tides quite often. Dark and Darker's combat is pretty janky, this is a widely accepted fact. So if a Rogue starts stabbing someone while running circles around them and starts crouching and uncrouching constantly, it's very difficult for their opponent to make their swings connect.Has probably the most DoTs(damage over time) out of anyone.

Is able to lockpick chests without needing an actual lockpick (which are incredibly hard to find consistently). A true dungeon crawler that can get in, loot everything, and get out unnoticed.

Can consistently keep enemies chasing them frustrated by closing doors behind them, turning off lanterns, or anything else that makes use of their lightning-fast interaction speed.

Great at reviving teammates because of their interaction speed and low Max HP that requires less healing items to get back to full.


The squishiest class in the game, with a close second being the Wizard, will die to mosquitos if the player isn't careful and can easily get one-shotted by a buffed-up Barbarian.

Very weak against Wizards if the Wizard sees them coming (it only takes one Spell)

Has a higher skill floor than the other classes and an even higher skill ceiling.

Requires a lot of focus and patience to use optimally, as Rogues need to keep their ears open for footsteps, and be patient enough to stay crouch-walking often.

Even with the right combination of Perks and Skills, a Rogue that gets the drop on an opponent will still take a few seconds to kill them because of DoTs, and a lot of times this leads to the opponent getting a hit or two in, killing the Rogue, and then dying shortly after from poison.

Always Keep A Stockpile Of Blue Potions: Because Rogues can die from a single mistake, especially in PvP, Blue Potions are even more vital with them than with other classes. Drinking one before each confrontation can absolutely mean the difference between winning and losing.

Get Clever With The Hide Skill: Because the Hide skill triggers much faster than drinking a White Potion does, Rogue players can actually use it to throw off opponents chasing them as soon as they break line-of-sight. And, if they want to get even trickier they can get out of sight, open the door at one end of a room, then go invisible without leaving the room. Their opponent will come in, see the open door, and think the Rogue kept going forward, opening themselves up to getting stabbed from behind.

Dark and Darker releases in late 2024 on PC.

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