Transfer MBOX files into EML file format

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Transfer MBOX files into EML file format

The MBOX record design contains messages in a solitary document and finds use in email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. It consecutively records messages and is effectively editable on Microsoft Scratch pad and other word processors. Then again, EML document is a plain message email record design containing the email content other than the date, source, and collector subtleties. Like the MBOX document, EML record tracks down utilization in Mozilla Thunderbird, yet for saving individual messages to the PC. Microsoft Standpoint is another email client that has EML record similarity.

How to Change MBOX over completely to EML? - Top Techniques

We will presently investigate the answers for trade MBOX information document to EML in this segment, starting with the manual information change strategy, trailed by the expert arrangement.

Manual Arrangement

The manual arrangement here includes three methodologies - Drag and Drop, Save As, and the ImportExportTools add-in - for the Thunderbird application.

 1: Simplified Strategy

• Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Windows PC.

• Go to the MBOX organizer and select every one of the messages utilizing the Ctrl + An order.

• Intuitive the messages to another organizer on your PC.

• Mozilla Thunderbird will save them in EML design.

2: Save As Component

One more strategy to trade MBOX information record to EML is to involve the Save As component for the information change process.

• Open the Thunderbird application and go to the MBOX envelope.

• Select all messages utilizing the Ctrl + An order and right-click on them.

• Presently, click on Save As and select an envelope to change over them in EML design.

 3: ImportExportTools add-in

The last way to deal with convert MBOX to EML includes transferring the MBOX record through the ImportExportTools add-in (not integrated into the Thunderbird application) and convert it into EML.

• Introduce the ImportExportTools add-in and restart the Thunderbird application.

• Presently, right-click on the Nearby Organizers and select the ImportExportTools menu.

• Select the Import MBOX Documents choice and snap on the Individual MBOX Records choice.

• Peruse your PC to add the MBOX record.

• Yet again right snap on the additional MBOX record and select the ImportExportTools menu.

• Then, click Commodity All Messages in Envelope and pick EML Message Organization.

• Presently, you need to pick your ideal choice from either Messages and HTML Record or Messages and File with Subfolders.

• At last, select the ideal area and convert MBOX to EML utilizing the Select Envelope button.

Why Manual Strategies Neglect to Switch MBOX Information over completely to EML?

• These workarounds are tedious because of the time taken for information change as indicated by your MBOX data set size.

• The third workaround includes specialized ability for the information change process.

• There is plausible of information progressive system or design misfortune utilizing these strategies to trade MBOX information document to EML.

Proficient Technique for MBOX to EML Post box Transformation

Now that the manual workarounds are problematic to switch MBOX over completely to EML, we will examine the ideal technique for information transformation - robotized programming. The product we notice here attempts to change over your MBOX record information to EML with complete information structure flawlessness. The MBOX to EML Converter Programming is your most ideal decision with a scope of very good quality elements for blunder free MBOX to EML record change.

Send out MBOX information document to EML with the Product

1. Introduce and run the instrument on your Windows operating system PC.

2. Presently, click the Add Record button to add MBOX file(s).

3. Pick the favored choice - Default Profile Arranged or Select File(s)/Envelope from the Record Framework.

4. Then, click Commodity or Product Chose button to change MBOX over completely to EML.

5. Then, select the EML design as the resultant record trade design.

6. Click the High level Settings button and select Naming Show and Date Channel according to your inclination.

7. Then, click the Peruse button to choose the ideal area.

8. Check the Keep up with Envelope Order button to guarantee unblemished document structure during the change cycle.

9. At last, trade MBOX information record to EML by tapping the Commodity button.

10. Open the objective envelope to see the changed over EML records.


We investigated the answers for convert MBOX to EML in this blog entry, other than the purposes behind the email information change. The reasons recorded here urge email clients to move their MBOX information to the EML design. The manual workarounds referenced here look simple for MBOX to EML record change yet present impediments. Consequently, the mechanized programming talked about in the blog is a magnificent answer for convert the MBOX information document to EML with flawless information structure and no change.

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