Uses of Rare Earth Fluoride Lanthanum Fluoride

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Uses of Rare Earth Fluoride Lanthanum Fluoride

Rare earth fluoride products are mostly gray, powdery, insoluble in water, and easily soluble in acid. It is obtained by the reaction of fluorine-containing compounds and lanthanide rare earth compounds under certain conditions.

Rare earth fluorides are the main raw materials for the preparation of rare earth metals and alloys using calcium thermal reduction and molten salt electrolysis methods. In the process of preparing medium to heavy rare earth metals such as yttrium, terbium, and dysprosium through calcium thermal reduction, yttrium fluoride, terbium fluoride, and dysprosium fluoride are indispensable raw materials; In the process of preparing lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium neodymium, and dysprosium iron alloys by molten salt electrolysis, lanthanum fluoride, cerium fluoride, praseodymium neodymium fluoride, and dysprosium fluoride are important components of the molten salt. In addition, rare earth fluorides are widely used in new materials such as fluoride optical fibers, infrared anti reflective film materials, luminescent materials, lubricants, etc. due to their unique optical, electrical, and magnetic properties.

The Advantages of Rare Earth Fluorides

In previous reports, oxides, composite oxides and halides are often selected as the matrix of luminescent materials. Although the preparation process of oxides and complex oxides is relatively simple, high mechanical strength and good chemical and thermal stability, these two kinds of compounds have high phonon energies, such as Y2O3, La2O3, Gd2O3 and YVO4.

Although halides have low crystal phonon energy, most halides have poor chemical stability and are easily soluble in water after damp, so it is difficult to have certain practicability.

In contrast, fluoride has lower phonon energy and is more suitable for matrix materials of upconversion and downconversion materials. It can reduce the non-radiative relaxation of excited states of activated ions and improve the upconversion luminescence efficiency of activated ions, such as LaF3, YF3 and NaYF4, especially NaYF4 is a kind of matrix with relatively high upconversion luminescence efficiency. In recent years, upconversion materials based on NaYF4 have been widely studied.

Preparation Method


Rare earth fluoride nanomaterials with different morphologies have been successfully prepared by precipitation method, microemulsion method, hydrothermal and solvothermal method, sol-gel method, microwave method, ultrasonic method, precursor pyrolysis, electrospinning, and so on.


Lanthanide Series Rare Earth Fluoride Compounds

Lanthanum fluoride is a chemical substance prepared by the action of lanthanum chloride, lanthanum nitrate and hydrofluoric acid or the action of hydrogen fluoride gas and lanthanum oxide.

CAS: 13709-38-1

EINECS: 237-252-8

Molecular formula: LaF3

How to Get Lanthanum Fluoride?

It is prepared by the action of lanthanum chloride, lanthanum nitrate and hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride gas and lanthanum oxide.

Uses of Lanthanum Fluoride

Used to prepare scintillator, rare earth crystal laser materials, fluoride glass optical fiber and rare earth infrared glass required by modern medical image display technology and nuclear science.

Used in the manufacture of arc lamp carbon electrodes in lighting sources.

Used in the manufacture of fluoride ion selective electrodes in chemical analysis.

In the metallurgical industry, it is used in the manufacture of special alloys and in the electrolytic production of lanthanum metal.

Used as a material for pulling lanthanum fluoride single crystals.

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