Victory Myanmar Group

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Victory Myanmar Group

Victory Myanmar Group, located in Myanmar is the Retailer of largest selling Rum "The Mandalay Rum or Mandalay Spirit". It was established in 1886 and continues to serve in Myanmar and Singapore. Victory Myanmar Group has a total number of employees ranging between 250-999. It has its own aging facilities for the Rum in local ''Yamanay'' wood which imparts a very misty and overpowering fragrance to our Rums. Mandalay Rum was established by the collaboration of people of Mandalay and expert Rum blenders of Caribbean. All the ingredients used in production of Mandalay Rum are 100% natural without any artificial colors or flavors.

A Taste of History:

Yamane Wood imparts well-rounded flavors and a smooth finish that symbolize the essence of Myanmar, making it a truly incomparable experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The age-old process of double blending and aging, which has remained unchanged since the distillery’s beginning, further increases the character of Mandalay Rum.

The Logo of Mandalay Rum:

The logo of the Mandalay Rum is the perfect representation as it symbolizes the long heritage, the royal look and the cultural values of the early forts that surround the historic Mandalay Palace. By carrying the weight of shared history and heritage, Mandalay Rum captures the rich cultural heritage that has been woven into the fabric of Myanmar. Each bottle of Mandalay Rum contains not just an amazing spirit but also a tangible piece of Myanmar’s fascinating history and heritage, making it a truly special and valued treasure.

Types of Mandalay Rum:

The Three types of Mandalay Rum produced by Victory Myanmar Group are Mandalay Export Rum, Mandalay Coffee Liqueur and Mandalay Caribbean White.

Mandalay Coffee Liqueur:

The birth of rich heritage comes from the combination of tradition and innovation. Excellent in product quality, Mandalay Export Rum creates its own heritage as it is well-loved locally and has reached beyond borders. It is this historic significance that inspired the name “Mandalay Export Rum”.

Mandalay Caribbean White:

Mandalay White Rum draws its motivation from the Caribbean, the origin of modern rums. “White” or “Silver” rums, known for their delicate and sweet nature, serve as the foundation for many classic cocktails. Savor the essence of the Caribbean and the magic of Mandalay White Rum as it adds an extra layer of attraction to your favorite mixed drinks. With its charming flavor profile, this rum indicates cocktail enthusiasts and aspiring mixologists alike to embark on a truly memorable taste adventure.

Mandalay Coffee Liqueur:

Mandalay Coffee Liqueur is an invitation to grip the indulgence of real coffee in a delightful and spirited form. Whether savored on its own, enjoyed over ice, or combined into tempting coffee-inspired cocktails, this exquisite liqueur promises to uplift every moment and awaken your taste buds to new dimensions of pleasure.

More details about Victory Myanmar Group similar to a small directory are given below:

Category: Distilled Beverages

Address: 41/F, St., Industrial Zone, Yan Naing Swe St.2, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Phone: +95 1 551 121

Main Brand: Mandalay Rum

Product Origin: Macau

Email: [email protected]


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