How to Start A Profitable Lifestyle Blog From Scratch in 2024

Written by Rahul Gupta  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

How to Start A Profitable Lifestyle Blog From Scratch in 2024

Blogging – To many people, it appears to be a fun game that has the potential to make money.  According to them, you just start writing your mind, people visit your blog, they read, comment and enjoy your blog and you become a successful blogger. Doesn’t this sound so easy? I started my first lifestyle blog in 2017, with the same impression that just because I love writing and let me cash my passion of writing. But the story isn’t that straight. Learn how to start an llc in texas in simpler steps from MoneyBrighter.

Blogs do make money, but not without strategic planning. Knowing that you want to start a blog isn't enough. There are a ton of things which you should be aware of before you start off.

If you are aspiring to start a lifestyle blog that makes money. Here is a step-by-step guide for you, which also includes the mistakes I made but readers can avoid.

To begin with, let’s just ignore the word profitable for a while and focus on starting a lifestyle blog. 

How to start a lifestyle blog?

1.) Choosing the Niche 

Before you begin to write your posts, it is quite necessary to have a topic in mind around which the blog could be based on. As easy as it sounds, this step is one big task. You really need to put in your mind and pick a topic that suits you. Before finalizing any topic, you need to ask the following questions to yourself- 

  • Am I interested in this? 
  • What are my hobbies? 
  • What am I passionate about? 
  • What am I good at? 

These are questions which you should ask yourself every now and then before choosing that one topic. I will rather advise to write about every topic that comes to your mind. When we write it down, it gives us a broader perspective and it might trigger further ideas as well. 

When we talk about a lifestyle blog, it takes account of various niches

  • Travel
  • Healthy living (Or Health and wellness)
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Self-Improvement
  • Parenting
  • Shopping, and there could be many more.

You need to choose the one (or maybe 2 or 3) which goes well with your way of living and your personal choices, then only you will be able to write whole-heartedly and interact with your readers.

If you want to have multiple niches, try to limit them to three. When I started off with blogging, I created a multi-niche blog. I talked about travel, health and wellness, self-improvement, career, Beauty, Home-based business ideas and what not. With the passage of time, I stopped focusing on multiple things but reduced them to only 3.

Why? Because google love niche-specific sites. More niche-specific your blog, more it is likely to rank fast on search engines.

Look at this blog GetSetHappy, it does have posts on various topics but the key focus is kept on Self-Improvement, Blogging Resources and Home-business. So, most of the traffic constitutes the readers who are keen on these three niches. This ideology helps in driving relevant traffic to any blog.

2.) Choose A Right Platform 

Once we are finalized with the topic, we will be required to choose a platform we will use for our blogs. Usually, it is recommended that we use WordPress. However, it is up to us which platform we want to use it could be Site123 or Wix for example. It is important for us to understand that it is not recommended for us to use free blogging platforms. There are plenty of free blogging platforms for newbies, however, they are not a great option if we are looking forward to monetize our blog. Also, free blogging platforms do not offer us customizing options. And hence, we won't able to get our blog as per our preferences.

The biggest disadvantage is that we won't be able to own our blogs when we host it on free platforms. The blogs which we write will be owned by the platform and not us. 

3.) Choose A Domain Name & Get the Hosting

It basically means that we are supposed to decide our blog's name on the web. We are required to choose a name which should be relevant to our blog. Something which either conveys about our blog or about us. Also, we need to keep the domain name short. It is because a short name is easier to type and to remember as well. Also make sure, that your domain name goes well with your niche. This is help readers to understand easily, what is it all about.

4.) Choose A Theme

Now that we are done with hosting, domain name, and a platform, it is time to focus on the look part of our website. A theme allows us to customize the look and feel of our blog as per our preferences. We can also customize a bit and get our blog looking sharp and ready to amaze the world. Platforms like WordPress help beginners a lot to customize their website to look great with minimal effort. 

5.) Write a killing “About Me” page

Writing an “About Me” page for your lifestyle blog requires a little bit of creativity. In this page, make sure that you don’t try to sell or market anything. On this page, give an introduction of yourself to your audience. Here are some of the things you can include on this page.

  1. Introduce yourself 
  2. Tell your readers, why you chose to start a lifestyle blog.
  3. Mention about your Niche and give a quick outline of what readers can expect from your blog.
  4. Tell them what inspires you to live the lifestyle you have.
  5. You may share your personal story, passions, journeys, and experiences. 

6.) Publish First Blog Post 

Now you are finally ready to put your first blog post on your website to let the world see your skills. Adding a personal touch and a tint of wit in your posts can hold the attention of the readers.

Well, now that we know how to start a blog, I would like us to know how we should maintain our lifestyle blog. Here are a few tips - 

1. Always Aim for Success - We should start our blogging journey with a mindset that we are aiming at success. We should believe in our blog that it would be a success and it'll make money rather than just criticizing it. Always remember that our blog is unique in its own way. Once we start to believe in our blog, everything which we will do has more purpose to it. 

2. Write What You Know - We are always required to write on a topic which we know and are passionate about. When we are passionate about something, writing won't feel like a task anymore. We should not write about topics which we have very little information about only because other bloggers are writing about it. 

3. Be Consistent - To be consistent, we are required to create a blog schedule for ourselves and make sure that we stick to it. The key to a successful blog is posting consistently. Of course, success does not come to anyone overnight, however, if we won't post regularly, it will take even longer. 

4. Work On Writing Skills - Writing can be a challenging task when you are a newbie. We may not even like our own writings. However, we need to ensure that we keep practicing and let our tone and style evolve. We should never back off from trying new things and experiments with our writings and formatting. And always, learn and emulate from other writers we like to read. 

Now, addressing the elephant in the room. How to monetize our lifestyle blog?
  1. First, you need to have a foundation, which means that you need a blog which you care about, on which you continue to work on and write posts. Create content which helps to grow our traffic and audience. 
  2. You need to ensure that we are using social media correctly and to your advantage. Focus on a few different perspectives of the social media which we enjoy. 
  3. Build a community which cares about your blog. This is one of the essential steps because these are the people who will be waiting for our posts. Our followers will be a major part of our story and will buy what we sell or promote. So, no matter what we do, we should never forget them!    

There are many ways Lifestyle bloggers can monetize their blogs. Some of the most popular methods are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Sell digital products like e-Books and courses
  • Sponsored posts
  • Writing genuine reviews etc.

Bottom Line

Bloggers are the new Celebrities. Lots of brands choose to work with the bloggers so that they can reach an interactive audience and in return, they pay the bloggers. So, it is a win-win for both brands and bloggers.

Lifestyle blog (No matter what niche you choose) has a great potential if executed rightly. While you get lots of opportunities to make money with a lifestyle blog, don’t forget to keep your writings aligned with your readers. After all, your blog is worthwhile only because of them.

Your turn now!

What are your thoughts on starting a profitable lifestyle blog?

What strategies do you follow to make money with your lifestyle blog?

Please do share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section.

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