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Deepak Kumar

I am the Founder of xPress Web Solutions


How to Create a Complete Backup of your Blog | Wordpress Blog Backup

Creating a backup is always a smart move! Bogging takes a lot of effort. What if your website gets hacked or your web hosting service provider removes your data...

#WordPress #Blogging Videos

What should I do if someone copies my website content?

A lot of bloggers are worried and has faced this issue... Sharing ways what to do when something like this happens

#Blogging Community

How can I get quality backlinks for my site?

Backlinks are very important to increase your ranking on Google... Lets discuss & help newbie bloggers to how to create these backlinks and rank there blogs.

#Blogging Community

Rahul Gupta

6 minutes, 3 seconds read


How To Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Website security is one of the important things that website admins need to consider. Wordpress Website hacking is quite common nowadays and it's painful. Learn...

#WordPress #WordPress Security #Tools & Resources

What is the bounce rate & how to reduce it???

Let's discuss & understand the fundamentals of the Bounce rate and how to reduce it for your blog or website.

#Blogging Community

Mohit Agarwal: Indian Travel Blogger | Blog @ JauntingJourneys

I come from a small town Haldwani where mountains surround me and the first ray of sunlight falls right on my doorstep. “I travel to give a treat to my eyes and soul, to rejuvenate me and my lungs”. My blog Jaunting Journeys is where I s...

Interview Series

What is the best Website niche to Target US audience?

I was thinking to make a new website to target US Audience but I don't know which website/niche should i make. Although i am thinking to build an Trailer specific website which will have Latest/Upcoming Hollywood Trailer, Hollywood Gossip, articles. What you think any other idea?

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