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Official Ubuntu Server 19.10 for Raspberry pi 4

Details on the official Ubuntu server for raspberry pi

Linux MCQ-01: Linux Command-Line Tools - Linux Concept

Some important MCQ questions and answers on Linux Command Line tools.

Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) planned features and release date

canonical and team working hard for ubuntu's next major release 19.04 (disco dingo) linux operating system, which is going to release in april 20...

Building Ubuntu image file for Raspberry pi 4

An easy way to build Operating System Image of Ubuntu for Raspberry pi 3 and 4

Operating System for Raspberry pi 4 (32/64 bit) - Last one w...

Raspberry pi 4 has hit the linux market and we have tried few operating system, here is the review of it.

Ubuntu 18.04 Docker image on Raspberry pi 4

Trying to install Docker and work around 18.04 on raspberry pi 4

Linux Assessment Questions Set - 02 - Linux Concept

This article contains some of the important questions and answers on Linux which helps you to check your understanding level on Linux.

Getting Started with NodeMCU/Arduino Ide in Ubuntu

NodeMCU with Arduino IDE needs some Configuration so here we go for it.

Linux Assessment Questions Set - 01 - Linux Concept

multiple choice questions and answers on Linux Operating system.

Linux Kernel 5.0 Released! Check new features for Linux - Li...

The new kernel 5.0 release for Linux operation system, this article in on Linux kernel 5.0 release note

How To Install Django, Flask, InfluxDB, Node, Go, MongoDB on...

in this article you can find some installing instructions. django, flask, influxdb, node, go, mongodb.... | how to install on ubuntu