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5 simple ways to self-love.

self-care and self-love should be developed into a habit that we follow each day, every day.

Just one question.

do we truly prioritise ourselves? have we, indeed, made self-care a part of our everyday schedules?

Why is Self Care Important for Your Health? | Lynnai Style

why is self care important? it is important because it shows the positive aspect of who we are as a person. if you don't care..

6 ways to self-care for the mind and the soul.

self-care means a whole lot more . it means showering the 'self'' with respect and love, the kind it deserves.

X – Let go of eXcess baggage. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

keep the thoughts that spark joy. discard those that bring tears.

O – Observe your thoughts. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs show in our actions.

K – Be Kind to Yourself. #AtoZChallenge. – Metanoia

being kind to others is important, but being kind to ourselves is a necessity--our responsibility towards ourselves.

J – Maintain a Journal. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

journaling is like sharing your thoughts and your goals with a close friend/mentor without the fear of being judged or your secrets revealed.

I – Infuse your Life with action! #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

life is passing us by. every minute here is precious. go ahead, make use of the time you have today, lest you repent tomorrow!

G – Grooming is essential! #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

staying well-groomed is a necessity, not to be presentable to the world, but for yourself!

E – Emotional Independence. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

being able to enjoy one's own company, being able to find happiness in the activites we do for ourselves makes us emotionally independent

C – Connect with your tribe. #AtoZChallenge – Metanoia

this is one of the most essential things to do, especially if you are a loner, like yours truly! being an introvert, i preferred keeping things to mys...