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Top 10 Linux Distribution – 2019 - Linux Concept

Top Linux flavor in 2019. List out here top Linux distribution for 2019.

Install CouchDB on Debian 9 Operating System - Linux Concept

couchdb store data in document or files with json data structure. each document contains fields and attachments, where fields

Install PHP 7 on Debian 9 Operating System - Linux Concept

the debian 9 operating system comes with php version 7.0, and you can install like any other application package using the apt package manager.

Install Git on Debian 10 Operating System - Linux Concept

the easiest way to install git into the debian system is by using the native package manager (apt) from the default repository of debian operating sys...

How to install Debian 8 Linux in vmware, virtualbox or virtu...

This article is on installing Debian Linux on VMware Workstation. In this article we explain how to install Debian Linux on virtual environment step-b...