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How to Carry Water While Running ?

Running minimalistic with just a light t-shirt, shorts and your favourite shoes will always be the best thing to do.

Front Lever Progression Workout

Front Lever Progression - one amongst the foremost powerful exercises out there for strong lats and phenomenal core strength.

Planche Progression Exercises

The level of body strength and control needed for planche move depicts makes it difficult to find any other comparable static hold.

Best Back Lever Progression Exercises

Your way to advance level gymnastic holds starts with back lever.

Spinning Bike vs Upright Bike vs Recumbent Bike: Which Is Be...

Being one of the best low impact cardio exercises, biking is the first choice of many fitness enthusiasts.

Women’s Full Body Gym Workout Routine For Strength, Weight L...

Ever wondered why some women work their butts off and still get no desirable results?

The Good and the Bad of Home Workouts |

it can be tempting to work out at home. no traffic, no lines for a machine, not having to wake up early just to hit the gym—there are so many deterren...

Treadmill vs Cycling: Which Is Better For Weight Loss & Burn...

going for a cardio session? analyzing the two most popular modes of cardio exercise (treadmill vs cycling) to help you choose the right one for you!

15 Benefits Of Exercise | RitiRiwaz

regular exercise is a part of healthy lifestyle, and exercise is believed to be the closest thing to a miracle medicine.

Gym Attire For Ladies | RitiRiwaz

gym clothes are far more important part of a fitness routine than most people realize. wearing workout gear during gym is important as they give you f...

Running against the wind: How to Protect Your Skin While Wor...

how to protect your skin while working out outside | skincare in winters

अच्छी सेहत और स्वास्थ्य पाने के कुछ नियम

सभी लोग अच्छा सुखमय जीवन जीना चाहते है, उनकी जिन्दगी में सदा खुशिया बनी रहे, उनमे से स्वास्थ्य एक बहुत बड़ा Role अदा करता है। अगर आपके पास बहुत सारी धन...