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Putting down the story: Career as a Writer

Putting down the story: Career as a Writer

A career in the world of Cooking: CHEF

A career in the world of Cooking: CHEF

New-Gen Indian Rappers who are making it big

rap music and the hip-hop scene in india is booming and everyday we see new rappers coming up with lyrical masterpieces to describe their life, strugg...

Top 5 Best Exercises to overcome PCOD or PCOS problems in Wo...

as per research, regular exercise can boost fertility in women. here i mentioned the top 5 best exercises to overcome pcod or pcos problems in women.

What does it take to be a news anchor?

news anchors are the people who present news and work at tv networks and stations. we all know these people. being a news anchor definitely looks

Top 25 Healthy And Tasty Salad Recipes

top 25 healthy and tasty recipes may help you to add taste to your daily meal.these healthy and super tasty recipies which equals to a complete meal.

Top 25 most expensive limited edition cars in the World

these top 25 most expensive cars are not just beautiful, but also rare and only available exclusively to a relatively small group of rich & vip humans...

10 basic yoga poses for beginners

10 basic yoga poses for beginners.the yoga asanas, or what we call as yoga exercises are an ancient form of fitness regime that strengthens

5 Famous Indians Who Succeeded Against All Odds 5 famous ind...

these are the genius indian celebrities like dr.a.p.j abdul kalam,rajnikant who makes an inspirational lesson for us. all of them gained success from...

Removal of Article 370: Impact on Kashmir

removal of article 370: impact on kashmir.the most awaited step by the modi government was taken yesterday by removing article 370 from kashmir.

Mission Mangal

‘mission mangal’ film regarding ‘ordinary people commencing to try and do extraordinary things’, says director. the film is released on august 15 and...