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Hello friends, I am Kamod Singh, the founder of Every day, interesting articles are published on my blog to help connect the youth of the country to the digital world.

Guest Post Guidelines

Do you require original content before it appears on your blog first? Then it can be republished on the blogger’s website with a link back to you.
Do you allow the content to be republished on the creator’s site or social media? If so, how long do bloggers have to wait before republishing? Also, do you require that they link to the original on your website?
Can the blogger repurpose or reprint material? And if they do, do you require that they link to the original on your website. This helps you to attract backlinks.
Are there other content requirements related to the type of information and content formats included in the blog post?
Do you have requirements related to the language used? For example, are four-letter words?

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