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Our aim is to get YOU motivated and all set for your fitness journey! We’ll tell you all about sports equipment, gym motivation, diet, and fitness lifestyle.

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Your article has to be related to fitness (gym, training, sports equipment, diet, sports and physical activity in general, health topics related to sports…).
2. Unique, original content (no copy/paste).
3. Word count: 600+ words.
4. 2 external links are allowed in the article body
(try not to put them either in the first or in the last paragraph – it’s ok only if it fits in with the context).
Please also include 1 internal link (i.e. a link to another post on Corpus Aesthetics blog).
5. The article must be written in perfect English.
6. We will edit any typos or misspellings you may have made while writing the guest post.
7. We also may edit some parts of the article for optimization purposes.

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