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Published on: Nov 06th, 2019
Submitted by: Roland Vizner
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EagleFlyFree.com blog will bring you travel Inspiration, usefull, practical information and guidance to the Most Beautiful Places From Travels Around The World.

For me, the most beautiful places on this planet are those remote and little-visited by tourists. In India, I am a great fan of Andaman and Nicobar Islands as jungle and beach destination, Meghalaya as human-nature miracle destination and Ladakh as culture destination. Kerala is also fine :)
Sout-East Asia is all fine and with my wife have strong affinity for Indonesia. Sumatra, Sulawesi or Wester Papua are just amazing places to visit.
In Europe, I fancy beautifull places like Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. In the Arabic world, Morocco is my favourite, with Egypt and Jordan being amazing cradles of human civilisation.

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