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Gyan Ka Pitaara is a platform full of information. We are here to educate you about Blogging, Digital Marketing, Make Money Online, and much more which will help you grow online. Indeed which will make you earn online too.

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Only high-quality with original and engaging content is accepted.
2. Formatting and style should be the same as other articles.
3. We are strictly against plagiarism. So, no copied content and images from other sites. Be creative and bring up your own content and ideas.
4. Images used in the article should be from the stock images website. We don’t want anyone to claim copyright issues for your content. You can always design your images and use them too.
5. An article must contain at least 800 words and should be informative.
6. An article should have proper keywords and you should perform Keyword research for the topic you are writing.
7. You need to provide us with the keywords you are focusing on in the article.
8. You can not republish the submitted article on your website or anywhere else on the Internet.
9. Once the article is published on our website, the copyright of that content will be transferred to us. You can’t claim the copyright for that content.
10. You need to update your profile before starting out. At least two social profiles, a Biography, and a profile picture are mandatory.

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