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Published on: Dec 18th, 2017
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Hello, Welcome to my Weblog ; I’m Tanmoy Biswas – a Backpacker cum solo Traveler, based on kolkata, IND. Traveling is my passion & adventure provides me the crave to fulfil it.

This blog is the portray of all my experiences I gathered in life so far. May be its travel or personal , but I’ve always tried to showcase things as I look at life from different perspective. May be its mingling with the locals of different culture or eating their foods sitting with them or a one day local life spent with a culturally diverse family in a topmost point of a hill. Life is beautiful & its more beautiful when you make others part of your life.

Professionally I’m a Telecom Engineer, have some glorious experience of working in leading Telecom operators in India.

Apart from these serious stuffs, Yes I also own a life – Traveling, trekking, photography, foods, music , adventures these are my activities . This blog would include all my activities. I’m a bassist & I slap very hard on my 4 string axe.

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