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Published on: Nov 25th, 2021
Submitted by: Amit Kumar
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WrittyGritty — Write with Grit, Write with Wit

We are a platform full of people who can proudly proclaim "I read, I think, I write". We are readers, thinkers and writers. We are gritty; we never fall short in figuring out new ways of toying with our pens. We are witty; we know how to entrance the readers and critics. We love to write and make others write.

Join us to be a part of our writtygritty land!

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Posts must be 100% original. This means: No plagiarism; and No self-plagiarism (copy of your own prior published content) too.
4. Post Length: roughly around 800-1200 words; avoid longer than 1500 words. We do love longer posts, but our team is small and limited for time.
5. Paragraphs : Always try to keep your paragraphs short, max 3-5 sentences; Short paragraphs are easier to understand and digest for the readers.
6. Please choose catchy headline and images.
With all the above checked, please share a draft post.

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