A step-by-step guide to building your 2024 digital marketing plan

Written by Rahul Gupta  »  Updated on: January 03rd, 2024

A step-by-step guide to building your 2024 digital marketing plan

Looking to create a successful digital marketing plan for 2024? Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, from defining your goals to choosing the right channels and creating compelling content. Start building your strategy today and stay ahead of the competition!

Digital marketing is a big deal these days. Without it, doing business successfully is and will remain to be a fantasy. After all, the internet has penetrated almost every corner of the world and has immensely transformed the way people purchase and engage with various brands. Did you know, you can now perform gb whatsapp apk download on your phone, Check out softgoza for more information

Even in the future, one is set to see an enormous increase in the usability of digital devices, which is going to result in a big boost for digital marketing. Various experts have also forecasted that social media will become integral in the B2B space, email marketing will become more personalized, and video will be better optimized for SEO.

The internet is a well-packed space. If you are not able to make your way through the crowd, and present your brand much better than your competitors, you won’t be able to leverage the true potential of digital marketing. Simply onboarding your brand on a digital platform won’t work.

Therefore, having an in-depth understanding of digital marketing and its various channels is of utmost significance. To help you out, we have mentioned everything you wish to know about this industry and how it can propel your business to great heights.

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Digital marketing - What does it mean?

When it comes down to digital marketing, it simply means, marketing on digital platforms. It is the technique of promoting and selling products or services by utilizing the internet and various other digital devices.

It’s the industry which most brands are leveraging today to place their business in front of their target audience every time they are going to make a purchase.

The concept of digital marketing has mostly replaced the traditional forms of marketing. In the modern era, most people tend to look for a brand or check reviews online so that they can learn about the best options available. It is the ads or attractive campaigns run on the internet that captures people’s attention in comparison to billboards, TV ads, bus wraps, posters, etc.

Why Digital Marketing is so important today?

Digital marketing helps you to reach a wider audience affordably in comparison to traditional marketing. It allows you to measure success daily and tweak it accordingly in the way you seem fit.

There are a few benefits of digital marketing. Let’s go through them in detail.

1. Target the most potential buyer

Digital marketing allows you to target a specific chunk of the vast internet user base that is most likely to make a purchase. Whereas, when it comes to traditional marketing, it’s mostly a shot in the dark.

Moreover, digital marketing enables you to conduct exhaustive research about your buyer’s persona, which in turn helps to promote to high potential groups in your vast audience.

2. The entry barrier is low

To become a digital marketer, all you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and a hunger to learn. That’s it! Also, you have complete control over what you wish to spend.

But with traditional marketing, you require hefty investment for the successful promotion of your business. You do not have any control over the spending either. A TV commercial will still cost the same, whether it helps to convert or not.

3. Can outrun big players easily

If you an entrepreneur, or an owner of a small-scale business, competing with big brands won’t be a piece of cake. Their huge sum of investment in TV commercials, billboards, etc. is not what you want to replicate for your marketing goals.

But with digital marketing, the game has become fairer. This industry has offered new opportunities which can be effectively optimized to achieve your marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing funnel

Every digital marketing strategy is developed based on a ‘sales funnel’. It’s a charter, set to describe, understand and track different stages consumers pass through during their ‘customer life cycle’.

This model is divided into 6 categories which are described below:

(source – marketingprofs.com)

1. Exposure - This lies at the top of the funnel, which signifies that businesses need to get their audiences’ attention. You can’t sell unless your people know about your brand.

For that, you need to learn to harness the power of word of mouth, SEO, content marketing, etc. so that people can share your content, which in turn, can lead to brand awareness.

2. Discovery - Once your target audience knows about you, it starts to seek solutions based on its requirements or desires from your business. Your job here is to influence them to make a suitable purchase after their first visit.

For this, you can optimize recommendation agents which can recommend those products or services which are similar to the ones your audience is looking for.

3. Consideration - In this stage, your audience is planning to buy and is considering various options.

Here, you can share content that can influence your audience to select your option over others. It can include price, user manual, exciting offers, etc.

4. Conversion - There is where your audience makes an action, which can include signing up, purchasing a product, etc.

As this is an important phase, ensure that you make the deal more attractive. One way to do the same is to get referrals. For example, tell your buyers that they could receive discounts if they influence their friends to buy your products.

5. Customer relationship - Here, your job is to ensure that the decision your audience made is the right one. As per the action taken, provide them with either relevant information or a satisfactory customer experience.

Think about what actions you can take to provide immense satisfaction and which action could annoy your customers.

6. Retention - As it is more expensive to get a new customer, it is recommended to provide value to your buyers so that you retain them.

The key here is customer satisfaction. Provide products that can live up to the expectations of the customers at affordable rates. Also, offer great customer service after a purchase has been made. Perform all of this you are closer to retaining your customer.

Top 5 effective Digital marketing channels

Now we have demystified digital marketing, let’s have a look at the top 5 digital marketing channels which can generate huge benefits for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the technique of optimizing a website to get quality traffic by getting a higher rank in search results. SEO-generated traffic is more likely to get convert than ad-generated ones since a user is actively searching for a solution based on his needs or wants.

Moreover, it allows your business to be placed at the right time in front of your audience when they are searching for your business. This in turn increases visitors to your website and brings great business prospects along with them.

2. Content marketing

It is a strategic marketing tactic which deals with creating and distributing appealing content to attract and retain your target audience. There are various forms of promotional content which include, blogs, infographics, social media posts, video content, case studies, email, interviews, etc.

To utilize these content forms, think about how your content is in relevance with your audience’s interests. Check where your users lie in the customer cycle, and how they consume various information available on the internet.

3. Social media marketing

It is the process of establishing your social media presence so that you can engage with your target audience to build a brand, improve sales and drive quality traffic.

To optimize social media effectively, you can create original and relevant content in the forms of blog posts, videos, infographics, etc., and share them across various social media channels. In addition, start to engage with your user base, respond to their comments or likes, and solve their inquiries.

One can even deliver customer service directly and drive traffic to a website using the power of social media marketing. 

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is the technique of sending commercial emails like advertisements, offers, referrals, etc. It has been noted that email marketing generates one of the highest returns on investment.

It is an excellent way to stay in touch with your target audience by notifying them about upcoming events or some new exciting offers. By personalizing emails and including a clear call-to-action, one can effectively boost conversions as well as retain existing customers.

5. Video marketing

It is the process of utilizing videos to promote a brand or its products and services to develop engagement, raise awareness, and boost sales. Many digital marketing experts have indicated that it is one of the most effective marketing trends today, and shall remain in the years to come.

Like any other marketing tactic, video marketing is information-driven, meaning one needs to measure various metrics and track customer engagement to create an effective video marketing strategy.

One needs to create stunning and relevant video blogs (or vlogs), and smartly incorporate them into your social media posts or blogs so that you can get more mileage out of your content.

Final words

To conclude, digital marketers need to dig deep into modern and sophisticated internet space to create and implement Digital Marketing strategies that could make a positive impact on their engagement with their target audiences.

By doing well in the digital landscape, you can build your brand authority, widen your reach and shine on top of search results.

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