Best Methods for Shifting EML Files to AOL Mailbox for Device Syncing

Written by Christopher  »  Updated on: July 09th, 2024

Best Methods for Shifting EML Files to AOL Mailbox for Device Syncing

A simple way to import EML files into an AOL Mail account is explained in this article. Find out how to import email messages straight into AOL Mail from EML step-by-step.

Emails are frequently stored on local PCs as EML files. However, unless you have a compatible email client program on hand, you are unable to access them. These days, cloud-based email services are preferred by most consumers. As a result, more people were requesting to import EML files into their AOL Mail accounts. So let's examine the complete procedure in more detail.

How Can I Automatically Upload EML Files to AOL Mail?

To immediately import numerous EML files into your AOL Mail account, try Softaken EML Conversion Suite. This is a completely automated solution that just requires your AOL Mail login information to do the job. Additionally, while moving email messages from an EML file to AOL Mail, the program maintains email attachments, header information, and all email components. The software can easily extract EML files from multiple email clients, such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Eudora, SeaMonkey, Pegasus Mail, Claws Mail, Sylpheed, Opera Mail, Evolution, Postbox, Spicebird, Mulberry, Netscape Mail, The Bat!, etc. The software can work with all Windows OS editions, whether they're new or old. Grab the latest free demo edition.

To import 25 EML files from each folder into your AOL Mail account, download it for free.

How do I bring EML files into AOL Mail?

  • Launch the program and load EML files into it.
  • Select the necessary EML folders and files.
  • Next, choose IMAP from the list of available storage options.
  • Finally, click Convert after entering your AOL Mail account data.
  • The tool will now provide a pop-up message to indicate that the operation has been completed.

Helpful Features of this Softaken EML Conversion Suite

Here are some of the main benefits of using this tool to simplify the import of EML files into AOL Mail.

  • provides mass EML import to AOL Mail with no file size restrictions.
  • An automated method for adding EML files to an AOL Mail account
  • transports and preserves any kind of email attachment included in EML files.
  • supports Thunderbird, eM Client, Windows Live Mail, SeaMonkey, and other EML files.
  • Moreover, import EML into Zoho Mail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and so on.
  • broad compatibility with all Windows operating systems, including 11, 10, 8, 7, and so on.
  • There is no need to download multiple email clients and software to convert EML files to an AOL account.
  • Users can save their exported data as per the required location on the device.
  • Save users time and effort.
  • There are no chances of data loss when users upload EML files to AOL Mailbox.

The Verdict

Anyone can import EML into an AOL Mail account with ease if they follow the aforementioned instructions. The only option left is to use an automatic way to transfer EML messages to Outlook Account, as there isn't a free or manual alternative accessible. To learn more about how it operates and all of its sophisticated features, users can also test out its sample version for free.

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