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Full Ways to Analyze/Read/Browse PST Emails in Old Outlook 2013

Full Ways to Analyze/Read/Browse PST Emails in Old Outlook 2013

You wish to read the content of certain significant PST files in great detail. However, you're not sure who can offer in-depth analysis. We shall thus present you with a variety of tools to aid in the content analysis of PST files.

One email tool that is utilized in every industry is Microsoft Outlook. PST files are also becoming more and more used for file transfers, whether for business or personal usage. Outlook's proprietary PST file format is used to store all mailbox contents, including contacts, calendars, events, journals, emails, and more. The PST file can also be password-protected. For this reason, a lot of people choose to share their critical data in this file.

PST files are used regularly by specialists in digital forensics and related fields to store and exchange data. As a result, they want an excellent method for thoroughly viewing data from the Outlook PST file. To view the file, there are a few options.

Techniques for PST File Content Analysis

Outlook creates PST files, so you can read and analyze PST files with Outlook if you have it. However, you can see the file using a third-party tool if you don't have the application. When comparing the two approaches, the tool performs better than the manual since it was designed specifically to read and analyze PST files. On the other hand, Outlook is a free approach. There are two methods for interpreting the data in a PST file.

  • By hand: Use the Outlook application to open our PST files.
  • Automatic approach: employ a program to read the file.

Method by Hand for Examining PST File Content

  • Using this approach is free of charge, and sharing the file is a simple process.
  • Click the File option while the Microsoft Outlook application is open.
  • Select the Open and Export menu item.
  • Choose the Outlook data file (.pst) to open and press the Open button.
  • Following that, your file will open, and you can examine your data by clicking on each email individually.

Constraints with the Manual Approach

  • Even though this is the sole manual method for reading PST files, there can still be some issues that you encounter when examining your file.
  • You can only use this approach if Outlook is installed on your computer.
  • It takes a lot of time to open each file individually to study it.
  • The file hierarchy is not in the right order after you import.
  • As a result, the manual approach is not as advantageous as it first appears. As a result, using software to see Outlook PST file data in detail is a terrific option.

An Expert Approach to PST File Content Analysis

Only those who have downloaded Outlook can utilize the manual technique; if not, one of the greatest programs accessible to you for Analyze/Read/Browse PST Emails in Old Outlook 2013 in depth is Softaken Free PST Viewer Software. Every Windows operating system version uses this program. It also provides several features.

Software Features

  • A comprehensive glimpse of your PST files with attachments is provided by the program.
  • Corrupted and damaged PST files can also be easily seen.
  • To check for problems with your PST file, it offers two scanning methods.
  • To see your files, the app offers many preview options.
  • Your PST file can be exported into PDF and other file formats as well.

How to Examine PST File Content?

  • After downloading, run the program. At the top of the screen, click the Add File button.
  • Navigate to the location of your PST files by clicking the browse option next to Select File.
  • If your file is corrupted, open the files and choose Advance Scan. Re-click the Add File menu item.
  • Choose the folder containing your PST files now.
  • Click on the option you wish to access from the list of options at the left bottom of the screen to check the calendar, contacts, and other mailbox items.
  • The preview mode is below the files, while the choice for attributes is above them.
  • If you want to export your files as PDFs, click Upgrade to Pro.

Get the Last Thoughts,

This article explains how to examine the content of PST files. One of the primary methods to view your files is through Outlook. Use the software, nevertheless, if you don't have it or need a means to view the files without any problems. Experts highly suggest this program since it is extremely beneficial to users.

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