Top Artificial Intelligence Certifications: A Beginner’s Guide

Written by Lucia Adams  »  Updated on: March 02nd, 2024

Top Artificial Intelligence Certifications: A Beginner’s Guide

The field of artificial intelligence or AI is constantly exploding and growing worldwide with increasing applications of AI everywhere. Around 64% of businesses believe that AI can boost their productivity (source: Forbes). This unbelievable growth is resulting in a soaring demand for AI experts equipped with essential skills and knowledge. According to WEF (World Economic Forum), the AI evolution will create 97 million new employment roles by 2025. Becoming AI certified can help you stay ahead in a competitive AI market.

Understanding AI Certifications and Their Types

AI certifications validate the knowledge and expertise of a person in the AI field. It can be a great asset to exhibit your competence in leveraging artificial intelligence in real-world applications. Moreover, earning the best artificial intelligence certifications can improve job prospects by representing essential skills (technical and soft skills) and learning passion to potential employers or recruiters.

Also, you can expand your knowledge about various programming languages and Python libraries for AI. You can even learn AI strategies that allow you to optimize operations and deliver the best outcomes to your organization.

In this table, you’ll find different types of AI certifications with their quick overview.

Essential Prerequisites and Competences

Although you can find different certification programs designed for beginners, developing a fundamental knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and essential programming languages can be a plus point for you. Since Python is widely used in artificial intelligence development, learning this programming language is prominently valuable. Furthermore, an analytical frame of mind can be your most powerful tool in understanding complex AI concepts.

Engage in Top AI Certifications

Making an informed decision can impact your satisfaction and benefits with the certification process. So, consider pursuing an AI certification that offers immense compatibility with your career objectives and expertise, and has high value in the industry. Be sure that a specific course is offered by reputable institutions or prestigious universities worldwide with hands-on experience.

USAII® (United States Artificial Intelligence Institute) is among the most trusted and recommended AI certification providers for students, professionals, business leaders, and every aspiring candidate. The institute offers numerous self-paced artificial intelligence certifications programs to adopt the best-in-class AI and machine learning skills to break new ground in the field of AI and ML.

Why choosing USAII® can be your best decision -

• Flexible payment options.

• The examinee can reappear for his/her exam by paying a nominal exam fee.

• All useful study materials and informative videos.

• Committed to certify around 150K professionals by 2025.

• CCP (Continued Certification Program) under which you can recertify or renew your certification.

Here are some diverse USAII® certification courses with their special features -

• CAIE™ (Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer)

This is the most powerful AI Engineer certification offered by USAII® for technology experts planning to jumpstart their AI career.

Who can apply for CAIE™ Certification?

A graduate or undergraduate student or an expert with 0-2 years of work experience.

What is the duration of this certification?

This program requires 8-10 hours of learning per week (4-25 weeks).

What can you learn from this program?

This is one of the best artificial intelligence certifications to improve efficiency on any AI-based projects globally. The program curriculum is designed to meet the demands of emerging AI developers and engineers. With this program, you can learn machine learning algorithms, deep learning, robotics, Python, NLP, and more.

• CAIS™ (Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist)

This is an ideal AI scientist certification program for senior professionals with certain technical expertise. After completing this course, you can meet your dream of becoming the best AI scientist and achieve your business success.

Who can apply for CAIS™ Certification?

Senior professionals like directors, managers, program managers, CXOs, and business leaders.

What is the duration of this certification?

This program requires a time commitment of 4-25 weeks (8-10 hours each week).

What can you learn from this program?

CAIS™ program helps develop must-have AI skills by learning all crucial concepts like AI and ML, supervised deep learning, computer vision, ML security, AI in marketing, and more.

Difference Between AI Certificate and Certification

AI certificates and certifications are two key terms that are often used interchangeably, however, there are some differences between both. AI certificates are educational credentials that signify that you have completed a specific course or a series of courses in a particular domain. AI certifications, on the other hand, are generally awarded by educational institutions or professional bodies. It includes a rigorous assessment process under which a candidate must pass an exam to get a certification.

Wrapping Up

Starting your journey to get an AI certification can be a progressive experience, opening doors to endless opportunities in the world of AI. Hopefully, now you get the most useful information about artificial intelligence certifications. Remember, just earning a certification is not enough for a growing career, it also requires constant pursuit of knowledge and dedication to innovate in the expanding field of AI.

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