What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon associates or Amazon affiliate program is an affiliate marketing initiated by Amazon. It is a free program and can be used by bloggers and webmasters to monetize their content. With this program, one can advertise products sold by Amazon and on referral fees with each click.

Requirements for Amazon Affiliate Program

Even though the program is completely free it is not exempted from rules and regulations which should not be violated in any case. 

Here are some of the rules and regulations which you must keep in mind while using the Amazon affiliate program:

  • Avoid link shorteners to reduce the ads' face on affiliate links.
  • Amazon associates are not allowed to disclose the fact that they are earning from the product recommendations added along with their content.
  • Amazon affiliate links cannot be used for or offline promotions through email marketing eBooks and other similar methods.
  • It is completely against Amazon's rules to make pseudo claims in the recommendations mentioned on your website.
  • One must avoid putting the price of the product along with the affiliate link as the charges continuously fluctuate.

It is suggested to visit the policy page of Amazon to get information about all the rules and regulations.

Steps to associate with Amazon Affiliate Program

Becoming an Amazon associate is much easier then you can imagine. Just follow these simple steps and become an Amazon associate today.

Establish a website: the foremost condition to become an Amazon associate to own and active blog/ website or a YouTube channel. In case you already have an established website then it is a blessing because it will make you look credible in the eyes of Amazon. While filling the application process you must explain the purpose and audience of your blog or website or channel.

  • Create Amazon Associate account: Once you have an inactive platform to become an Amazon associate, it is time to create an Amazon associates account. For this, you need to visit the homepage of Amazon associates and click on the icon that says 'join now for free'. You will then be directed to a new page where you have to log in to your Amazon account or create a new one.
  • Build your account: once you have created a signed into the Amazon account click on the option that has a new customer and you will be shown different icons to build the Amazon associates account. 
  • Add all the required information: The account building starts with mentioning all the basic personal information such as your name, contact number, address, etc.
  • Add website address: the next step is to enter the website address of your online platform which could be the address of your personal blog, your website, online application, a YouTube channel, etc.
  • Set up store ID: Once you are done with the previous basic steps, you are supposed to add on the preferable store ID. This ID is usually similar to the website name which will lead to less confusion. in this app you are supposed to provide the basic information related to your website including, what you expect to accomplish from your website or other platforms. You will also be shown a section where you can select your priority topic of Amazon. 
  • Add information about traffic on your website: The next step is to explain how you generate traffic on your website, how you monetize the content of your website or channel, what is your approach towards building links and a rough estimation of the number of visitors you experience each month on your platform.
  • Contact number: This step requires you to add on your contact number. once you have added your number you are supposed to verify it by clicking on the option that says 'call me now'. After clicking here you will receive a call from Amazon through which you will be provided a four-digit one-time passcode. You are supposed to put this code to verify your contact number.
  • Set up payment method: the next step is to set up your payment information. You can either make your payment by using a credit card or other online methods. There is not an immediate need to make the payment and this can be done later on whenever you wish.

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Creating Amazon Affiliate Link

Follow these few simple steps to generate an Amazon affiliate link for your desired products:

1.Login to Amazon Associate account: the first step is to login directly to the Amazon associate account after which you will be provided a link. this link will be associated with the products you will be promoting.

2.Choose Product links: The next step will take you to a different page where you can create yours on links for the products.

3.Add ASIN code: ASIN is abbreviated for Amazon's standard identification number which is a 10 character code assigned by Amazon for each and every product. You can find this unique identity code by visiting the product information section of Amazon. This code will be added to your recommendation.

4.Verify: once you have added the ASIN code you will be shown the product at the bottom of the page which should match the product you were looking for.

5.Get the link: Once you have verified the product with its ASIN, you are supposed to copy the newly generated Amazon affiliate link which will be used for promotions.

6.Generate Amazon Affiliate Links: There is also an alternate method to generate this Amazon affiliate link. You can generate the link by using the side stripe bar which is shown at the product page of Amazon while you are logged in with your Amazon affiliate account.

7.Keep Amazon's standards in mind: Once you have generated the link you are good to go for using it for promotions. However, always keep Amazon standard in mind while using these links as any default can lead to cancellation of your account by Amazon.

This is everything you need to know about the Amazon affiliate program. Make sure to check all the policies mentioned by Amazon and have fun becoming an Amazon associate!

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