Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Build Quality Backlinks in 2024

Written by Rahul Gupta  »  Updated on: January 03rd, 2024

Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Build Quality Backlinks in 2024

Want to build quality backlinks in 2024? Look no further than guest blogging! Our ultimate guide covers everything you need to know to get started. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to build high-quality backlinks in 2024. 

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is the backbone of ranking your articles in Google Search Results (SERP) Saying this would not be incorrect. Backlinks are one of those metrics which are very important for getting the desired rankings for your article. Many of you who are a newbie in Blogging must have heard bloggers talking a lot about backlinks, making good backlinks, high-quality backlinks on your blog etc. But I know, many of you remain confused as "What is a backlink and how to build backlinks". Don't worry!!

Backlinks are still a crucial factor in SEO success in 2024, and guest blogging is one of the best ways to get them. Our ultimate guide covers everything you need to know.

Backlinks are basically a link back to your blog or website. For ex. you wrote an article on the Features and Specs of Apple iPhone 7, but you did not have content for iPhone 7 reviews, so you added a reference link of some site which has written very well on iPhone 7 reviews. You added their link in your article, and when they give you link back in return for it, it will be called as a backlink. Even the top website of Brian Dean focuses on the importance of the backlinks. Google prefers to rank those articles which have more no. of links from others because it looks more trustworthy. You must understand the importance of backlinks in ranking your blog post on the First page of Google search results

How To Make Quality Backlinks

Making Backlinks need some efforts from your side. Though you will keep getting backlinks on your own if your content is very powerful but it may take some time. So, here are some steps you can follow to get more and more high-quality backlinks to your blog or website. But keep that in mind, you do not have to indulge or get trapped in fake SEO and marketing companies. 

There are a lot of such companies who charge you heavily and promise you to give high-quality backlinks to your blog but instead of getting quality backlinks to your blog, what you get is spammy and very very low-quality links or bad links. This will bring no benefit to your blog instead they would do more harm to your blog.

Before knowing how to make high-quality backlinks on your blog there are some common terminologies in backlinks that you need to know. Have a look at them one by one.

1. Link Juice:

Let us understand /what is a link juice? When a blog or website link back to your content it will go through a Link Juice. This Link Juice only improves your DA(Domain Authority) and is considered as very crucial in getting rankings in Google. If you want to get nice rankings in  Google Search results then you must do interlinking. So this is the first and most important thing.

2. Do Follow Links:  

By default, all the links you add to your blog or website are automatically do-follow in nature means it is following the interlinking process and the path between two links is clear. Most of the people demand do-follow links only. This is very important factor in Backlinks. A high quality Do-follow link can help your blog a lot. 

3. No-Follow Link:  

Then we have no-follow links. No-follow as the name itself suggests are the links that do not have the follow back path. You can use the no follow tags to stop getting a backlink from the site whose reference link you added in your article. The reason may be that the site is less reliable.

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4. Link Popularity:

The total number of links coming to a blog or website and counted, adds up to the link popularity of a blog.

5. Anchor Text:

Anchor text means the text you use to add the links to other blogs or websites. You may add a text which can bring more traffic and then hide your link in that particular text. It is very important to make efficient use of Anchor Texts.

How to Get Good Quality Backlinks With Guest Blogging

1. Focus on Content Quality:  

I always focus on the quality of the Content and keep saying that Content is King. Yes, this is true. Whatever you may do in SEO and all to get more traffic but if your content is missing the spark or not up to the mark you will lose the game. Try to write high-quality content. Write grammatically correct articles on your blog. Before writing you should think twice, what topic are you going to write about and then you should analyze the topic and what all you will include in that. Make short notes and collect all the stats and data you will require. Articles which are high-quality will automatically get shares and people will always love to link with them.

2. Submitting your articles:  

There are a lot of websites and directories where you can submit your articles. This will increase your exposure, popularity and overall help you in getting good quality backlinks to your blog. Some of the top names are EzineArticles and Article Cube.

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3. Get backlinks from comments:

Comment backlinks:   Comments can be very useful in getting links from good blogs. You can add comments on related blogs. Keep that in mind that you do not have to make your comment look spammy in any manner or he will not approve your comment. Some of the sites allow links in the comment while some do not. So, just check!! There are a lot of websites which easily approve your comment. Go and look for them.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is the best method to get more traffic and exposure to your blog. It can be very effective if done properly. But some of you must be thinking, what the Guest Post actually is?? A Guest Post basically means writing on some other related blog/websites. Some of the websites publish your content with your name. This is the best way to get more readers and get your name out and give yourself more exposure. People think that Guest Blogging is a very difficult task. Even I was unaware in the beginning, as What is Guest Blogging and how to do guest posts. Some people also pay you very good for adding their content on your blog with a do-follow backlink to their blog. You should have 20+ DA and PA of your blog. So you can make good money by doing guests posts.

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You should keep in mind that the content you give should be unique and should not be published on any other blog. And when you are taking guest posts from other bloggers you should also be careful to check the uniqueness of the article you get from. Otherwise, it may cause issues in long run. Do not give more than 2 backlinks back to their blog. Add only 1-2 do-follow backlink of their blog if they ask you to do so.

How to do Guests Posts

Doing Guest Post is not that complex as you think. You can Guest Post on any of your related blog or website but the niche should be same. You may know about some popular sites of your niche that you love to read.  You may do guest posting on them But keep that in mind content should be unique while receiving and as well as doing guests posts. Below are some ways through which you can connect with other blogs and do guest blogging.

  1. You can use the Contact Us Page of the blogs and ask them if they allow doing guest posts on their blogs.
  2. Some of the blogs keep a separate page where they mention their requirements from guest posts and what all they want in it. Read the rules carefully and then do guests posting. Do not forget to add your do-follow links (1-2)
  3. You can use social blogging groups on Facebook to connect with more and more bloggers for guest posting.

Tip: Do not Start Guest Blogging in the very beginning stages of your blog

So, Guest Blogging is very effective in getting more exposure to your blog and your writing skills. You can also make good money from some of the blogs with Guest Posts. So, this was all for today. We told you how to do guest posts and how to make high-quality backlinks. This was Rahul Gupta here if you have any query do not forget to ask in the comments section below.

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