2000+ Guest Posting Sites List

2000+ Guest Posting Sites List 2023 Updated

This is the best source for free guest posts. We at Indibloghub have compiled a comprehensive list of over 2000 free guest posts for 2023, accepting posts in a range of categories including finance, health, travel, business, and more. As a Blogger and an SEO expert, you can save time and effort by relying on this list instead of searching the internet for guest post sites with instant approval.

Our list includes sites with high domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), authority, and Moz rank to ensure your guest post efforts get the best results. Before we get into guest posts, let's get familiar with the basics.

Are you trying to make a great career out of blogging? Then you would surely know about the value of guest posting. Guest posting sites offer you an opportunity to increase your brand’s reputation, and it is also a great way to get backlinks.

Get to know how to grab guest blogging opportunities and how to get big authority to feature your guest post

Introduction to guest posts

Guest posting sites are a valuable sources for anyone looking to increase their online presence and visibility. By publishing content on someone else's website or blog, you can create a backlink and drive traffic to your website. An inexpensive way to get started with guest posts is with free presentation websites, like the ones listed below.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is where an article or post is written and published on another website in order to get a backlink to your website. This backlink can help your website rank better in search engines and attract more visitors. To find guest posts, simply search for "write for us" or "submit guest post" followed by the keyword you want to use. Once the guest post is submitted, it will be reviewed by the site administrator and approved if it meets their guidelines. It is important that you familiarize yourself with each site's guidelines before submitting a guest post.

The need for guest blogging in SEO

Guest blogging is a form of marketing that offers numerous benefits, including link building, new content creation, and increased exposure. By creating high-quality content that is relevant to your industry, you can increase your website's domain authority and build relationships with your audience. One effective strategy is to reach out to other websites and offer to write a guest post in exchange for sharing your content on their blog.

Advantages of guest posts

Guest posts offer numerous benefits, including building relationships with your audience, establishing credibility, and spreading your message. By creating content that is relevant to your audience's interests and needs, you can build a regular connection with them and further strengthen your credibility. However, it's important to remember that guest posts shouldn't be the only marketing tool in your arsenal.

Benefits of Guest Posting Are Discussed Below

1. Building good quality natural backlinks 

SEO ranking is undeniable for your blog. The number of backlinks you place in your blog will determine the ranking. Guest posting is one way to generate healthy backlinks. Each link you receive through guest posting stands as a great quality brand reference for you. These links give the search engines more amount of content to take note of while ranking sites.

2. Increase site traffic

Guest posting is the best way to gain organic traffic that will increase the SERP ranking. This is one of the predominant benefits of guest blogging. If you could regularly contribute to guest posting sites, you could surely connect with readers who are out of your target audience market.

The increase in your site’s referral traffic results in increased online exposure, thereby increasing your site’s performance ranking in search engines. If you could provide quality posts, then the visitors will surely come back for more information; they are more likely to become the promoters of your brand. 

3. Strengthen brand exposure

Contributing to well-known guest posting sites will be a credible source to introduce your brand to people who haven’t known you before. The content you give with your guest post creates an impression about your brand and provides it with great quality for a favourable impression. 

Getting featured on a popular guest posting site can be a head start, so capitalize it effectively to strengthen the exposure of your brand.   

4. Mould out online authority

Getting your content published on a credible guest posting site provides is a great way to boost your online authority. Providing citations and sources for your claims increases the trust of your audience towards your brand. This trust will make the readers revisit your site whenever they need information related to the niche.

The belief that you provide the right information they need will let them build conversations with follow-up questions and provide feedback. This increases your engagement with your audience and, in turn, increases user experience. 

5. Networking in the industry

Guest posting is an effective way to foster relationships. They let you form a network between members of the industry. This networking will improve your brand and also your personal career by attracting many great opportunities. These peer group relationships can help you in many ways, like promotions and new ideas for building the blog. You can also keep up with the latest trends in the industry. 

The bonds you find through this networking will let you learn and improve many things about blogging in that niche. You can also get excellent guidance on various decisions regarding the blog. 

Dos And Don’ts of Guest Posting

Before you set out with the venture of being an author on Guest posting sites, you should know the dos and don’ts. Read these to ensure your success in the field of guest posting. 

  • Do read the submission rules of the site: Every site has a rule of its own to make its content an identity for them, so make sure you have read their guidelines for submission before you submit a blog post. You might be expected to write a particular word count in a specific style and even establish a limit to the number of backlinks. If you don’t follow the rules of the submission, you will surely be rejected. Read the submission rules before sitting to write to make guest posting a success to guest posting. 
  • Do create worthy relationships: If you can establish a relationship with the editors of the guest posting site, then you can have the luck of preference over the others. Try to find means to connect with them, like social media handles. A slight familiarity with the editors will give you better luck with publishing your article. These relationships will be more valuable for guest posting.
  • Do write strong titles: These titles are how the readers are going to recognize you, so make them strong and relevant to the content. Always live up to the promise of the title. Along with the title, always have well-placed subheads. They can give the reader a clear view even if they skim through the content. These headers and sub headers also hold your place in SERP rankings. 
  • Do include images: Include images, graphs and illustrations. This will increase user experience and make your content easy to comprehend. This will surely give your guest post more preference over others. 
  • Do provide valuable insights: Please choose a topic that most people are searching for and provide valuable insights about it. This will make your work more preferable. This will get you online authority and can rank the work on the top search results. 
  • Do promote the content: Take up responsibility even after you submit a guest post. Share the work with your audience through social media and respond to comments on the article. You can also consider linking it to other content that will be published on your website. This will assist you in building a great relationship with publishers and will also increase traffic for both you and the guest posting site. 
  • Don’t link everything and anything: It is a well-known fact that these guest posts are created for backlinks. But don’t link too much of your content with the post. Make it limited not to disturb the user experience. If you add too much of interlinks, there is a possibility of your article getting rejected by the free guest posts sites
  • Don’t post the same content on plenty of sites: Uniqueness is the miracle ingredient that is going to get your work preferred more. Every blog editor will look for unique content, so do not send one work to many sites. Even if it’s a rejected work and you are planning to repurpose it, make changes to how the content is expressed. Try to make it unique and with the best quality. 
  • Don’t give very familiar content: Trust us, if you are taking familiar content, there would surely be 500+ articles related to it online. Don’t bore the readers and the editor with such content. 

How to Write a Successful Guest Post

1. Write for the audience: The readers should be your target no matter whether you write for your blog or guest posting sites. Keep the audience in mind before you express the content. It is about the needs and expectations of the audience; your full focus should be on fulfilling them to give the best guest post. 

2. Follow the blog’s format: The greatest guest posts are the ones that align with the format of the sites that offer you guest post opportunities. Follow the guidelines offered by those sites when you create a guest post. The site owner is an expert in their audience – get inputs from them if needed. Also, follow unspoken norms like font styles and size; you can get to know them if you refer to the site. 

3. Create actionable content: Make sure your content looks like a nugget of wisdom. They should be able to walk away with the article and accomplish what they have read. Keep your wordings simple and content actionable and have a great practical value. This gives a concrete reminder about you to them. They would indeed seek you and follow you if you have the perfect quality content. 

4. No self-marketing: The content you provide should be exciting and meaningful yet still boost the reader to seek for you. That doesn’t mean you should market yourself out there. Use your guest post to attract the audience to your site. Assure them that you have got high-quality content in your personal blog. 

5. Bring in a blasting by-line: The by-line is the only place in the whole work where you can boost up yourself. Please give yourself a great introduction; keep it as a one-liner that suits you well. Give the choicest minute intro about who you are and where readers can find more of your content.  The by-line should be in a way you directly speak to your audience. 

6. Include internal links: Guest posting is basically for building backlinks. These links direct readers to more similar content to the one they are reading that is available on your page. They are great tools for search engine optimization. But keep them to the limit. It should not irritate the editor or disturb the user experience. 

7. Provide images and illustrations: Use high-quality and professional images and illustrations. They can make your content easy to comprehend and thus boost the user experience of the site. Provide unique images and with the right resolution, refer to the site owner for more details on what type of image is expected. 

8. Be you, be unique: Of course, your content should be suitable for the guest posting site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express the content with your style. The uniqueness of content can be achieved only when you give the content in your style. Don’t lose yourself in the process of guest posting. At the same instant, be respectful of the norms of the guest posting site. You will have to balance both to give out a great guest post.   

How to Find Free Guest Posting Sites

1. The best way to find guest posting sites for free would be to use google search. The important tip is to search with the correct keywords to get your free guest posting offer. We would like to give some suggestions on how you should search to get opportunities from these sites. 

  • “guest posting” + “your topics”
  • “your topics” + “ free guest post”
  • “guest author” + “keyword”
  • “guest post” + “keyword”
  • “write for us” + “guest post”
  • “write for us” + “your topics”
  • “keyword” + “contributing writer”
  • “Free guest post” + technology 

2. Secondly, you can also use social media to find free guest blogging sites; the site owners will surely share it on their social media handles, once you make sure of the site, it is up to you to communicate with them and grab a chance. 

To find a perfect site for your quality guest posts, you should try searching through your competitor’s feed; if they have promoted any of their guest posts, that is where you have to approach. You can also try searching with tags involving your keywords on social media platforms like Twitter. The tag you use search should look like free guest post + technology, write for us + affiliate marketing etc. You will get a list of websites that will buy guest blog posts. Sort the results with the latest offers to get timely opportunities to knock on your door. It is even better if you would sort it based on people. You can find posts of guest bloggers who promote their work. 

3. Thirdly, you can join along with online communities that link guest bloggers with posting sites. These online communities are built by digital marketers on platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook etc. But make sure they are legitimate. After joining such communities, you have to actively participate in the discussions put forward in the group and also share resources with them.

This will surely increase the scope of your current and future opportunities. By building relationships with these digital marketers’ communities, you can get valuable information to improve your acceptance. But it will steal most of your time; that is the investment price for becoming a great guest post author.

With the motive of guiding you in finding free guest posting sites, we would love to give you a list of sites that are guest post buyers sorted by "Moz Rank".

NS Article is a Hindi Article Publish platform where you can read many articles related to Blogging, Tourist, Business, Technology, Earn Money, etc.

These are the list of sites if you are looking about where to guest post; you may find even more of them belonging to your niche with the methods mentioned above. 


Guest posting is a great way to increase search engine optimization and build healthy traffic. But you will have to make sure that you have not violated any guidelines provided by the search engines like Google. We hope you have gained a clear idea of what guest posting is, how to start it and how to make it a successful venture. Try reaching out to the given free Guest Posting Sites, and write a successful guest post with the inputs provided in this write-up. We wish you luck in contributing guest posts.

FAQs About Guest Blogging Sites

  • What is Guest Posting?

    Guest posting also popularly known as guest blogging is creating content for different companies and websites. Guest blogging is a great way to collaborate with other fellow competitors in the market and build good relations with them. There are several benefits of writing guest posts such as It helps in attracting more traffic to the website because of the increased credibility of the content.

    Another benefit is that it helps in building relationships with other people in the industry. It also increases the awareness of your website on different platforms because of the author's connections who will be writing guest posts for your website. Guest posts will invite outside links which will again improve the readership of the website.

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