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Importance of Control Panel in Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

Rahul Gupta 16 hours ago 2 Comments
The control panel in Windows is a vital component of the operating system that provides users with a centralized interface to manage and customize various aspects of their computer. It offers a wide range of settings and options that enable users to...

What is the minimum requirement for AdSense approval?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 days ago 5 Comments
Here we are going to tell you some such things that you have to complete on your blog. If you apply for Adsense keeping these Adsense Approval Tips in mind, then 95% you will get success and your Adsense will be approved in the first time.(1) Before...

panda vpn review

Rahul Gupta 4 days ago 1 Comments
Panda VPN offers reliable and user-friendly VPN services. With strong encryption and global server coverage, it ensures online privacy and unrestricted access to content. However, its speed can vary, and it lacks some advanced features found in premi...

how to get traffic for affiliate marketing for free

Rahul Gupta 5 days ago 1 Comments
write quality content and work on seo and rank any keyword then get real organic traffic.

What is Keyword Difficulty?

Himangshu Kalita 26 days ago 1 Comments
Keyword difficulty is a measure of how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword in search engines. It is based on a number of factors, including the number and quality of websites that are already ranking for the keyword, as well as the strength o...

Is Google AdSense really worth it?

Team IndiBlogHub 26 days ago 5 Comments
if you have good traffic, and a great niche with clean UI. A fast site. Then Adsense is the best program. But if you have a slow site or less traffic, earning is less as google may mark some of the traffic as invalid and do the deductions or block a...

What is a backlink in SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 27 days ago 7 Comments
Backlink is a link that makes a way to go from another website to your website. When the link of one web page is linked with the link of another web page, it is called backlink. With the help of simple language, I will tell you better about backlink....

What is a Canonical URL?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 4 Comments
Canonical URL tag is an HTML link tag which is given in the head section of our blog so that the search engine can see it and understand what is the main URL of the post/page it is crawling/scanning.

How do I increase my domain authority in 2022?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 3 Comments
Increasing the DA of your website or blog means that increasing the probability of getting a high rank on the search engines. It is challenging to increase the DA and obtain a good score. By following given points, you can improve the DA score of you...

What is DMCA?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 10 Comments
If someone is stealing the content of your website and uploading it on your website, then you can complain about it. Through DMCA, you can keep your content safe and warn that person, if he still does not agree, then you can also take action on him.T...

What do we mean by influencer?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 4 Comments
Influencer is someone who promotes the product and service of a company or business. It is completely different from any business and customer and it is easy for the influencer to promote a product because the influencer has a face value of his own,...

Single Niche vs. Multi-Niche Blog: Which Should You Choose?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 3 Comments
Single-Niche Blog: Focuses on one specific topic or niche, such as cooking, travel, or personal finance. Allows you to become an expert in your field and build a loyal following of readers who are interested in your niche. Can be more profitable...

What is a permalink in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 4 Comments
Permalink is the URL or link of any web page. That is, in other words, permalink is the address of the page or post of your blog or website which does not change with time. You can open your post / page by using permalink from any search engine in an...

Why my AdSense earnings so low?

Team IndiBlogHub 2 months ago 8 Comments
If you having low earning, then start to targeted tire 1 countries traffic such as USA, UK, France, Netherlands, etc. You will achieve high CPC.

How To Improve SEO Rankings in 2022

Rahul Gupta 2 months ago 8 Comments
Ranking depends on a lot of factors. Many of my articles rank on 1st page of Google. A lot of things matter. Few of them are listed below:1. Keywords research , back links, DA, PA, Uniqueness, LSI.2. Ranking needs your excellence in SEO. Choose keywo...

What is Theme Editor in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 4 Comments
In WordPress, the Theme Editor is a built-in tool that allows users to modify the code of their WordPress themes directly from the WordPress dashboard. It provides a web-based interface for editing theme files such as PHP, CSS, and HTML.To access the...

What is publisher ID in Adsense?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 2 Comments
A publisher ID in Google AdSense is a unique identifier assigned to an AdSense account that is used to track and report earnings generated by ads displayed on the publisher's website. The publisher ID is included in the AdSense ad code that is a...

What is a 301 Redirect & When Should You Use One?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 4 Comments
Permanently redirecting old URL to new URL is called 301 redirect. By creating a redirect, you can tell visitors and search engines that your site URL or blog post URL has been redirected. So when a visitor clicks on your old URL, it will be automati...

What is Technical SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 4 Comments
Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website's technical elements to improve its search engine visibility and ranking. It involves various on-page and off-page technical factors, such as 1. Website loading speed 2. Mobile-friendliness 3. I...

What are Broken links?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 5 Comments
When you delete any page on your blog but its link is available anywhere, then it is called Broken link that means a link that shows error or does not exist on your blog, then it is called Broken link. is called. Sometimes you must have seen that...

How to Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 1 Comments
This is the easiest method and is recommended for all new bloggers. First of all, install and activate Really Simple SSL plugin on your site.This plugin fix all your website SSL issues:Checks the SSL certificate.Sets up a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS....

What is keyword stuffing in SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 4 Comments
Keyword stuffing is a technique to rank the page incorrectly and bring it to the first page in Google. In which in a blogger page content and meta tags, the same phrase or which we and you speak the target keyword, it is repeated in the middle of the...

What are Reciprocal Links?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 3 Comments
Reciprocal links are links that are exchanged between two websites. Essentially, one website will link to another website, and in return, the second website will link back to the first. These types of links were once a common way for websites to bu...

How to Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Blog

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 4 Comments
There are a few different ways to add infinite scroll to a WordPress blog, but one popular method is to use a plugin. Here are the basic steps to add infinite scroll to a WordPress blog using a plugin: Install and activate the Infinite Scroll plug...

What Is Blogging?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 5 Comments
Blogging is one of the widely used platforms for people to spread news and information and also to receive information and news. It is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money and gain profit with a small investment. You don't have to be on the...

Do bloggers make money?

Rahul Gupta 3 months ago 1 Comments
Can you really make money from blogging? Let's discuss...

What is Niche Blogging?

Team IndiBlogHub 3 months ago 3 Comments
Niche blogging is a type of blogging where the blogger focuses on a specific niche or topic, rather than writing about a wide variety of subjects. Niche blogs are created with a specific audience in mind and target a specific market or interest group...