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How to Rank a Website on Google?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
Try this to Rank Site on Google. 1. Rank Blog by Correct Post Title To get ranked on the first page in Google, first of all you have to write the title of your post correctly and research it. Only then your post will appear on google. If you pu...

What is your review on BidVertiser Ads?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
Bidvertiser ads is a strong competitor to infolinks and adsense and have a nice catalogue of ads. Bidvertiser provides content ads, providing ads in form of related content. This increase user interaction and the time they spend on the website. They...

How to Find Low-Competition Keywords for SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
You Can Try This to Find Low Comptition keyword For SEO. • First of all, you go to website and search any keyword on the topic of your blog there, for example, I am searching Blogging in Hindi. • Search any one keyword • Click on Add...

What is Google Penalty in SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
With every SEO update, google adds new algorithms and detections. So sometimes, it may detect 1. Increased backlinks of a site 2. unnatural links 3. Spam links So, whenever google finds some unnatural or wrong links, it may penalize you for vio...

What are Rich Snippets?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Rich snippets are a way of google giving resources to person searching for a query. It can be a list of answers questions, or a list of options like if we search for websites to chat we may get a list of all chat websites in a space on search page di...

What is A/B Testing?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 4 Comments
A/B testing, also known as split testing, refers to a randomized experimentation process wherein two or more versions of a variable (web page, page element, etc.) are shown to different segments of website visitors at the same time to determine which...

What is meant by above the fold?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
The page area of any website that is first loaded and visible on the screen, without scrolling down is "Above the fold" fold basically means, the upper part of a page is visible and the lower part hidden. Above the fold is a popular term nowadays f...

What is Autocasting?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Auto casting is the use of software to automatically create audio podcasts out of text on a blog or other Web site. This is a very useful method for storytellers and writers to share stories via podcasts from their written content.

What is content syndication?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 4 Comments
Giving permission to publish the already published post, to another blogger, so that he can publish the same post again in his blog, this is called Syndicate Post.You should know that many famous sites keep publishing the blog of other experts on the...

What is Curated Content in marketing?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
Curated content in marketing refers to the practice of selecting, organizing, and presenting information from multiple sources that aligns with a brand's marketing goals and appeals to its target audience. The purpose of curated content is to pr...

What is cPanel in Hosting?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
cPanel is Linux operating based software which provides us a graphical representation of our server. cPanel is a kind of management software that is designed for us to manage the website and the things related to it. Here you get many options for thi...

What is a Favicon?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 4 Comments
Favicon gives a professional look to your blog. This is the identity of the website. Whenever we open a site in the browser, the name of the site is shown in the top of the browser and along with that the icon of the site is also shown, it is Favicon...

What are Reciprocal Links?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Reciprocal links are links that are exchanged between two websites. Essentially, one website will link to another website, and in return, the second website will link back to the first. These types of links were once a common way for websites to bu...

What Are WordPress Tags?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
To classify the content and separate for easier structuring, we require some taxonomies like jacket and t-shirt both are clothes but different category. More further the jacket can be normal wear or party wear. So, the "jacket" and "t-shirt" are bas...

What is a tagline in a blog?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Tagline is a word or sentence defining a product or company. It can also be called a punchline. Which is used in advertising, marketing and proving yourself unique.The aim of the tagline is to create a positive and memorable punchline. Which will sit...

What is a WordPress template?

Rahul Gupta 7 days ago 3 Comments
The template is of multiple types for WordPress as the template is basically a piece of code or design including HTML/PHP/js code. There can be1. Code Templated - A theme template file for the posting page, archive page, etc with UI only2. Design Tem...

Which is WYSIWYG HTML editor?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
WYSIWYG is short for What you see is What you get means you will see whatever you writing exactly as it will appear to everyone. This refers to the editor for writing posts on the blog. If we talk about WordPress, it has two editor options, one is...

What is XML and its uses?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language. XML is a type of markup language and is used to store and organize data. As you know HTML is also a markup language but it is used to display the data in the webpage. The way of writing code in XML...

What are the free Keyword research tools you use?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 6 Comments
i Use this free keyword Research Tools • Google keyword planner • Ubersuggest • kwfinder • Google Quostion Hub • Google Trend

How to Solve Core Web Vital Error on Wordpress?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
First of all, you have to understand the reason why this issue has come. For this, go to Google search and check the core web report and try to understand the reason. Mainly the reason comes because of LCP, FID and Cls. To improve all these,...

A Beginner's Guide to Keyword Search Volume

Rahul Gupta 7 days ago 1 Comments
A free keyword search volume checker is a cost effective tool for search engine optimization (SEO). It can be used to find the number of times a specific keyword used in your blog is searched for, during a given time frame. Be it increasing organic t...

What is CPA Marketing?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
The full name of CPA Marketing is Cost Per Action Marketing. This marketing is different from affiliate marketing because in affiliate marketing you get commission for selling a product but in CPA marketing you get commission for completing any actio...

5 Effective ways to increase Google AdSense CPC

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
Some blogger's AdSense CPC is very low and there are many reasons for this. Below are various ways and strategies to increase Google AdSense CPC: 1: Website Niche: First of all, it is very important to choose the right niche for your blog or we...

How to get Sponsored Post?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Brands you want to work with. Build a relationship with them. Interact with them by visiting their social media handles. And tell them about your work. Also, make it clear that you want to work with them. This will let the brands know about you and y...

What is Ad Code in Google Adsense?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
Ad code is a combination of HTML and Js code used for providing the ads on a page where we add the code. The js part loads the SDK and functionality, while the HTML code marks place and dimension along with other details to render(draw and display)...

What does ad impression mean?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 1 Comments
Ads shown by Google on the web page visited by the visitor is called Ad Impression. When any visitor opens your content like blog or YouTube videos to watch or read, then Google Ad shows it. This is the Ad impression. Sometimes these sites do not...

What is RPM in ads?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
RPM means that how much traffic you earn in how much traffic RPM is called its Average Adsense page. We can find out Adsense RPM in this way. Like if you earned 10$ from 1000 pageviews in your site and your impression is 3000 then your RPM will be 2$...

What is Google AdWords?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 3 Comments
Google Ads is a very effective program which is very beneficial for your offline and online business, if you do business online, you have a website or blog, then you can directly increase your sales through online advertising. You can bring them on y...

What is Blank Ads in Adsense?

Rahul Gupta 7 days ago 1 Comments
if you implement your tags in incorrect format then blank ads shown in your AdSense page so its important to insert right n proper tags on your blog post

What is publisher ID in Adsense?

Team IndiBlogHub 7 days ago 2 Comments
A publisher ID in Google AdSense is a unique identifier assigned to an AdSense account that is used to track and report earnings generated by ads displayed on the publisher's website. The publisher ID is included in the AdSense ad code that is a...