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They improve your SEO optimization by giving a signal of quality to search engines.
They increase traffic to your website from referral sites.
They are endorsements for your website.
They build trust and authority for your business or brand the more they are featured on authoritative websites.
They build online relationships between websites.
They are a promotion for your business.
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1. Getting Promotion in Organic Ranking 

Backlinks help you to get better search engine rankings. If your content is getting organic links, from any other sites, then naturally your rank will be higher in the ranking of search engines. Your posts are more likely to be top and rank in google and google search engine will index your posts well and quickly.

2. Increase Blog Traffic 

Having more back links increases traffic to your website and you get more visitors. Without backlinks, you do not get as much traffic as expected on posts and websites because it does not come in search.

3. Improvement in Domain Authority and Page Authority 

The DA and PA of a blog or website is an example of the popularity of that blog. If the blog which has more DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) then it is obvious that that blog is more famous and good traffic comes to it. Back links only help in increasing the DA and PA of your website.

4. Referral Traffic 

A major benefit of backlinks is also that they help in bringing referral traffic (traffic that does not come to your blog from the search engine but through a link to another blog). You can also call this indirect traffic. Having more backlinks will boost referral traffic to your website.

5. Improvement in Alexa Rank and MOZ Rank 

Alexa Rank and MOZ Rank are also very important for a website. These also show the popularity of the website. Therefore, back links improve the Alexa Rank of your website or blog and increase MOZ Rank which is very helpful for you.

Apart from all this, there are many such benefits that good backlinks have for your website. They benefit your website more slowly than together and help to rank it.

Now if in a nutshell, backlinks are very important for a website and if you are a blogger then you will never be able to succeed in blogging without creating backlinks for your blog.
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