What is XML and its uses?

What is XML and its uses?

The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language. XML is a type of markup language and is used to store and organize data. As you know HTML is also a markup language but it is used to display the data in the webpage. The way of writing code in XML is exactly the same as in HTML.

Tags are used in both HTML and XML. Using different tags in HTML, it is described how the contents of the page (such as text, images etc.) will be displayed on the user's screen, whereas in XML, data is stored and managed using tags.

Uses of XML

  • XML is used to store data.
  • Its main job is to keep the data separate from the presentation. With this, that data can be easily shown in different formats in different places.
  • XML is mostly used in conjunction with HTML where XML stores data and HTML serves to show that data in the form of a table or in some other format.
  • XML can be used as a database in an application, program or software.
  • Web developers can use XML files to create dynamic content and display it through different style sheets.
  • It is also used for data transfer between different programs.
  • XML is used in many organizations to exchange data among themselves.
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Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

1 year ago

XML is an Extensible markup language and used mostly for keeping configurations of sites/software as it is
- easier to write
- easy to read
- common language
- better for documentations/configs

It can be used to backup/restore configurations.

Sadique Mannan

Sadique Mannan

1 year ago
XML is basically used to let know Google-bot know about your pages and posts available on your site so that it become easier for bot to index your web pages in the search engine.