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FTP is used to upload files over the Internet. With this you can access the files of your computer and hosting server at one place. And you can move by drag-drop. It is a medium through which we can exchange our files.

In this, files are exchanged between 2 computers through a TCP / IP connection. When Web Developer creates a website, then the files of that website have to be uploaded to the server and for this FTP is used, which uploads, downloads, deletes, copy, and uploads large files to the server. Helps to move. Whatever data, content, themes are there in the website that the web developer makes, it is put together securely in one place so that if you want to make any changes, you can easily do it, and FTP works here.

Keeps all the data on your website and computer as per rules. Which you can easily access anytime.
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FTP is the short for file transfer protocol used to do file operations. In back days, when there were no sharing platforms like Mediafire and buckets, people used to set FTP protocol and link local drive over internet allowing us to access files to download. Linux distributions like Ubuntu still use those FTP download sites.
Another use was to transfer a web site over internet so used in software like Filezilla for transferring files like HTML, PHP from local folder to web hosting.
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