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first and only one important thing for adsense user is High Traffic

If you get high traffic so the CTR is high and the chance of click on ads is bright so ur income is getting rich
2 years ago   1
Try Experimenting, Change the ad location if you are not getting any results! the only reason why you are not earning is placing ads in the wrong place! For Example, if you have traffic from mobile users more...Don't Place an Ad on Sidebar Since it won't reach the mobile users.....
2 years ago   1
I suggest you to not depend on Google Adsense.

You have give lots of time to make earning from that.

So don't waste your time in Adsense and try some points I mentioned below.

Try to registered user by email newsletter or use singup to get a audience data.

After that try to approach some gaming product company for email marketing their product with your data.

Sell your own gaming product if possible or type with some thrid party to sell there product on your website.

One more good option is join a amazon affiliate marketing program sell product related your content.

Hope this help. If you need any help you can ping me.
2 years ago   1
Many countries are having low cpc rates like 0.01 $ per click or even less. You should try to increase your traffic and focus on US/UK/Canada traffic, they are having high cpc rates. CPC rates are also dependent on keywords which you are using in the articles. First do proper keyword research. Adsense is mainly for high traffic blogs, which will give you good CTR.

For low but targeted traffic blogs, sometimes affiliate marketing works.
2 years ago   1
There are many factors which effect earning like ads placement, niche, adblocker enabled, traffic from which countries.

If you receiving traffic from U.S, UK and other foreign traffic with low bounce rate, it helps a lot to have a good CPC and hence increase in earning. If traffic is mainly from countries like India, Pakistan then CPC is very bad.

Even having 1000 views daily wont guarantee an earning of 1$. So have a look at that as well.

I would say your current traffic is also low right now. Try to have a minimum of 500 traffic daily. Write quality content and share it in relevant social groups.

Keep your users updated with latest articles and information. Increase your userbase by asking them to opt for your blog newsletter.

Hope these few things will help your blog slowly increase traffic and let you earn from AdSense.

Good Luck.
2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta yes i have another site which you know, daily i receive 1.5 k traffic organic traffic, 500 referal daily, still its not reached 1 USD, as cpc in india is very less,
2 years ago   1
Sovan Das riggt. That's why affiliate marketing is best for now
2 years ago   1
You should try other ad networks , they may pay better
1 year ago   1
Neena K can u suggest few?
1 year ago   1
Rahul Gupta Popads, Bidvertiser and some text link ads can also be considered
1 year ago   1
People are not earning like 10 years back with Google Adsense. Try other monetization platforms like Infolinks etc. If you have a blog with great content, then you will get offers for sponsored posts from companies.
11 months ago   1

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