If you are new to the world of bloggers, you are ought to be surprised with new terminologies used by your fellow bloggers. As you might struggle to figure out what they all mean, we have made it easy for you by compiling our blogging glossary, Wordpress glossary and SEO glossary.

Blogging Glossary

Be it a medium to express, to pursue a passion or a hobby, to sell a product or service or to just build your company profile, blogging is almost an essential tool. Blogging becomes easier if you are familiar with a few popular terminologies used in a blogger’s language. Here, is a blogging glossary we have put-together for you, to simplify your entry into blogging. View Blogging Terms

WordPress Glossary

Inspite of the internet being powered by so many bloghosting platforms, Wordpress continues to be the most popular. With its widespread user base, the platform has developed its own vocabulary over time. This Wordpress glossary has been designed for you to get acquainted with the Wordpress lingo and set up your site effectively. View WordPress Terms

SEO Glossary

With thousands of blogs getting added daily, it is very easy for your blog to be lost in the cloud. Hence, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for your blog to get noticed easily. Our SEO glossary can help you to work on improving the ranking of your blog. View SEO Terms