SEO Glossary: A Complete List Of SEO Terms & Terminologies
If you are someone new to blogging or someone who already has a strong foothold in this subject, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an unspoken requirement for your website to be in the top of the game. If you are an aspiring blogger looking to just set foot into an ocean called SEO, there are chances that you will still be puzzled with some strange words that you would come across when you discuss content creation.

It would be futile if you were looking up for these SEO terminologies and abbreviations in a normal dictionary. Hence, we would like to compile a SEO glossary with simple and easy to understand explanation for each of these terms and concepts used in Search Engine Optimization for your blog.
Blogging Glossary

Commonly used Blogging Terms & Definitions

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WordPress Glossary

Commonly used WordPress Terms & Definitions

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SEO Glossary

Commonly used SEO Terms & Definitions

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