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A backlink is a backbone of ranking your articles in Google Search Results (SERP) Saying this would not be incorrect. Backlinks are one of those metrics which are very important for getting the desired rankings of your article. Many of you who are a newbie in Blogging must have heard bloggers talking a lot about backlinks, making good backlinks, high-quality backlinks on your blog etc. But I know, many of your remain confused as "What is a backlink and how to build backlinks". Don't worry!!

Backlinks are basically a link back to your blog or website. For ex. you wrote an article on the Features and Specs of Apple iPhone 7, but you did not have content for iPhone 7 reviews, so you added a reference link of some site which has written very well on iPhone 7 reviews. You added their link in your article, and when they give you link back in return for it, it will be called as a backlink. Even the top website of Brian Dean focuses on the importance of the backlinks. Google prefers to rank those articles which have more no. of links from others because it looks more trustworthy. You must understand the importance of backlinks in ranking your blog post on the First page of Google search results.
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