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I had never heard about blogging till 2017, when one day i read how a startup story showed problems faced by Indian bloggers. So out of curiosity, i read that article.

That day i realized that posts,content we read here and there on internet either for entertainment purpose or getting a product/travel/food review is compiled and curated by bloggers.

So i decided to use my Tech skills to build something. Not sure what exactly but something. And its been almost 2 years since Indibloghub (previously Skill Infinity) started and i am trying my best to help bloggers in some way or other.

Made numerous friends, so many feedback's/suggestions and appreciation for what i am doing.

I think this is just a start for 'IndiBlogHub'. A long way to go...
2 years ago   0
Rahul Gupta You are doing great brother. Keep up the good work.
2 years ago   0
Abhisek Nayak thanks bro 😃
2 years ago   0
from 2010 i am doing blogging and yes that was the days of my learning, finally one year back i have released my blog in three language, as i love it, write freedomly, feel awesome get collboration from people, i m a private job worker still i love and maintain it wisely, i think if anyone love to write they will feel awesome for what they do,
2 years ago   0
Sovan Das correctly. This feeling makes us keep pushing forward...
2 years ago   0
made me a bit technical person
1 year ago   0

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