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Yes, search engines consider all the parameters like content, grammer, plagiarism, domain authority, tags, meta description, etc for ranking factor. A domain authority and content are inter - related. If content is written unique along with accurate explanation then it helps searcher to know in depth about its search query. Again, if user is satisfied then it helps the website to get on top in search results and this helps to increase the traffic of the website. However, these all factors automatically affects the domain authority of particular website that increases its authority which is known as DA.
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Hi DA has a very minimal effect on ranking content. Before going further, there are two ranking
1. Site ranking with Alexa
2. Content ranking

so, the content is the king rule, if you have optimized content and keywords, your article can rank.
But on the other side, if you have good DA, but not optimized content, then your content will not rank.

Note: Personal experience, even sites with DA below 20 and new in age were having content in high positions in SERP than sites with 50-60+ DA.

So, major ranking factors can be
- keyword optimisations
- content quality
- grammar
- 1000+ words detailed article
- optimised title and meta

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Yes, it matters but not completely. Generally DA is linked to how old the site is in addition to a number of backlinks to that domain. DA only matters when you have low quality content and you depend on increasing DA to make rank more as some preference over content is given to sire with DA 70-80 over DA 70. But still it does not matter completely as if you write good content, you can still beat the sites with more DA to rank in Google.
So, if you have a new Blog, DA matters
if you are old blog and popular, DA does not matter that much.
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Balvinder Singh rightly said but still a lot bloggers are mad for high da. They thinks having a good da alone will help them rank and somehow outrank a full reasearched article with a good da
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Rahul Gupta yes managing DA is difficult, some people do use paid DA and get ranked but they still do not rank in google for search results.
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