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Single Niche Blog - When a blogger writes about a particular topic, it is called Single Niche Blog. Like, WPBeginner. Only content about WordPress is shared on this website.

Multi Niche Blog – That blog is called, whose blog has more than one topic. And on that blog posts are written about different topics like Tech, Health & Fitness, Fashion, Travel, Makeup etc.

Now you have a better understanding about Single Niche Blog Vs Multi Niche Blog… and I would recommend you to blogging on Single Niche because:

Single Niche Blogs are trustworthy.

It is difficult to get Direct Advertiser for Multi Nice Blog.

Multi Niche Blogs are not good for earning money.

The most important thing is Multi Niche Blog is not SEO Friendly.

It is difficult to get readers and subscribers to Multi Niche Blog.
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